Gamepro picks the 8 best looking games from TGS

Gamepro counts down the 8 most visually impressive games from TGS '06. The number one games was kind of shocking, but all of the games look amazing.

zypher6369d ago

...i think this list was supposed to be comprised of (playable) games, hence MGS4 coming in last and GOW not being included at all (at least i think it wasn't playable at TGS?). kind of a shocker to see RR7 at #1, but hey, there you have it. nothing concrete, nor indicative of what will actually happen once gamers have a chance to choose for themselves. but still a fair summation of the graphical capabilities of both systems.

Islandkiwi6369d ago

MGS wasn't playable, was it?

calderra6369d ago

MOST of those games weren't playable. The guy who wrote this article must have been on crack...

Ridge Racer 7 at #1? Yeah right! Even for a Sony fanboy, there was GT:HD. If you're not a Sony fanboy, Forza had a showing. Oh, but I forgot:

And apparently, that's all that matters.

Arkham6363d ago

Uh, guys, I don't think you realize that the piece was highlighting the "Top 8 Games", not a ranked, "Top 8 Games, In Order".

Silverwolf6369d ago

Once I saw they didn't include Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey which showed actual gameplay. I knew this article was all but bias.

zypher6369d ago

i think they were talking about graphics, not gameplay.

DJ6369d ago

Wow. I would've chosen Motorstorm, or F1. But yeah, looks like they only counted playable titles (which makes sense).

NextGen24Gamer6369d ago

Its a tad biased being since it comes from Mr. Marbles.....He is the Sony editor at Its neat to see he actually tried to be fair by naming a couple 360 games in his top 8. But he clearly favors the ps3 in all of his editorials...being that he is the Sony editor for the site. We'll see who wins the most awards from this years show.