TGS 2006: PlayStation Downloads Demoed

Two of the potentially biggest PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable features are being demoed at the Tokyo Game Show in Sony's booth.

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calderra5856d ago

IGN: "But do you understand that it's not really a demo if you don't demonstrate anything."
Booth Babe: "I'm sorry."

^The story of the PS3.

Developer: "This is all real gameplay footage".
Media: "So, why not just pick up a controller and play it in front of us?"
Developer: "Because we filmed this real, live, gameplay footage behind closed doors and never allowed anyone at all to see it actually happen, and now we're showing a pre-recorded video of that live gameplay. We swear. This isn't pre-rendered at all."
Media: "So why not let us see the actual game?"
Developer: "Because we pre-recorded this live play. Trust us."
Media: (@[email protected])

FeralPhoenix5856d ago

lol, It's the kind of info. that makes you only feel stooooopider for reading it....thats funny as hell, I wonder if he really asked her to marry him. lol

uuuunvnv25856d ago

yea i found it funny as well. but he makes a good point. how can you have a demonstration...without a demonstration