Gamecock Head Tears Into John Romero, It's Getting Ugly

Gamecock's Mike Wilson responds in an open letter to John Romero, sent to Kotaku, that he will "not allow you to rewrite the history of it all, more to your liking and to my public detriment, and I will in no way take the rap for what you did (or didn't do) with your dream company", going on to defend his character and refute certain claims.

It gets particularly nasty near the end of the letter, when Wilson says to Romero "your unparalleled work ethic and strong character has [...] left only a bloody trail of ex-wives, fatherless kids, and ill advised breast implants strewn across this fair nation." Insert stunned silence here, then continue for the full "Dear John" letter.

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gamesblow4662d ago

I don't know either of them... That's sad. Even more so, Kotaku is in the mix. Reason enough to not care.

titntin4662d ago

This is awesome!

How can you not know John Romero? One of the biggest gaming figures 10 years ago?

Anyhow, for any of us in the industry, this is so much fun! I'm cracking open a bottle of wine and heating some popcorn and hopping we get the full series on this one!!!

iNcRiMiNaTi4662d ago

or maybe im confusing him with the zombie dude. i forget his name. i know his last name is romero

Skerj4662d ago

Right on both counts, John Romero cofounded Id with Carmack and did Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake. He then split from Id and helped start up Ion Storm and promised us the best game ever in Daikatana. Was delayed repeatedly and came out 3 years after the initial launch and was infamously mediocre. I don't know what he's doing now though, but he's a well known dev.

George Romero is the Night/Day/Dawn/Land/Diary of the Dead director. And Cesar Romero was the Joker in the Batman series of old (yes I added him).

Revvin4662d ago

John Romero is an ass, he's still living off the glory days of Doom and Quake but remember he was just one small part of a talented team, a team that carried on just fine when he left and created several more top quality games. Daikatana (sounds like a Welsh martial arts expert to me) was awful, truly awful. It was absolutely hyped to the max by Romero as some kind of 'second coming' for the FPS genre. His ego was huge and he fell flat on his face.

As much as Mike Wilson should have ignored him its hard to do when someone is berating you for all to see on their web-site. Though it might make him look bad it would have made him seem weak and perhaps a little foolish to allow it to continue so he's damned if he does and damned if he don't.

kornbeaner4662d ago

OH SNAPS!!!!!! John Romero should've just kept his mouth shout. The 90's are over. Daikatana, I was looking forward to it in 97',98',99' (I stopped caring) then when it finally came out in 01' it was the biggest piece of sh!t ever, John much respect but SHHHHH!!!!!!!! just stop and make a game that doesn't blow after 5 years of development.

MK_Red4662d ago

Awesome find and battle. Romero was once indeed a legendary dev who worked on the classic Doom but his later games weren't that great. I didn't like the "B*tch" ad though never got to try Daikatana. I did try a Midway game by Romero before he was fired/left. Don't remember it's name but that wasn't something special.

Yet, we don't know what exactly happened back then so it's wrong to judge them based on either of their comments.
But still, it's a pretty amusing fight. It gets kinda personal near the end though.

Shankle4662d ago

Isn't that why it's amusing? ;)

MK_Red4662d ago

True. That's indeed the fun part :)

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The story is too old to be commented.