Blu-Ray crushing rival DVD format in Japan: study

Next-generation DVDs are catching on with Japanese consumers, with sales picking up sharply at the end of 2007 and the Blu-Ray format blowing away the rival HD-DVD platform, new figures show

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Rice4669d ago

Sweet, another good sign for Blu ray....

poos34669d ago

NO 1 CARES ABOUT BLUE RAY/HD DVD WARS THAT A gamer i repeat i do9nt care if hd dvd goes bankrupt today and never releases a single hd dvd disk the 360 is still spanking the ps3 were it matters games +)

Wereturd4669d ago

I think the tinnitus poor Poos3 has got from sitting too close to his 360's roaring CD drive has finally taken him into madness. His brain red ringed just before his console.

Rice4669d ago

alot of people care about the blu/hd dvd war.... wat u mean the 360 is still spanking the ps3 in games, that was last year, u could have said the 360 spanked the ps3 last year in games... but this is a whole new year, this is the year of the PS3.

mikeslemonade4669d ago

You mean the games Microsoft bought for you. Microsoft doesn't make games they buy games. All they know how to do is throw around money.

zambrota4669d ago

were next gen dvd players.

Blu Ray accounted for 90% of those players sold.

Hd dvd accounted for just 4% of those next gen players?

My God next gen DVD war has caught steam in Japan

I expect the sales to rise to 80% this year

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mintaro4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

looks like blu is takin over

perseus4669d ago

I'll just bring up my objection. This is not about "rival DVD" this is about "rival HD-DVD", or perhaps "rival high-definition disc format".

These are two different things, and the title is misleading.

Not that it matters. All you guys are interested in is flame wars.

killer_trap4669d ago

hopefully this would mean more ps3's sold in japan per week.

AdolfBinBush4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

i will see to it that never happens..

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