ULTRA hi DEF debuts in Europe

Whats this... high-def has now also gone next-gen.

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Marriot VP4407d ago

uh oh, 16 times higher than 1080p....

better not let Ken kutaragi know about this or the PS3 is gonna be delayed another year to include this feature.

calderra4406d ago

Xbox 460: "Next-gen doesn't start until we say it does, with our new 23,430p HDMI v.4.5 output!"

I didn't realize until I saw this, but Sony has been working for some time to convince us that 1080p is the be-all, end-all for HDTV. It's not. Like any other technology, it'll be outdated soon enough.

Ah-well. Shows what you get for thinking you're investing in the future standard for electronics.

kmis874407d ago

Maybe in the ninth generation consoles. The world isn't ready for this.

DEIx15x84407d ago

Ultra HDTV has been around for awhile. The biggest problem with it is the massive amount of bandwidth needed to transmit a show in U-HDTV as well as the massive size of the file itself (blu-ray isn't even close).

uuuunvnv24407d ago

i think i read about this like 2 or 3 years ago. but they didnt have a working model then i dont think

BIadestarX4407d ago

well what does this tell you? Maybe we shouldn't go to crazy with all the HD. It seems like they can double the picture quality every few months, and/or create disk that hold more and more data.

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