The 10 best PlayStation sports games of all time

Here, for your consideration are the 10 greatest sporting events to have ever graced a PlayStation. The question is not so much what franchises have made the cut but which versions…

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I_LOVE_MYSELF4274d ago

Sports games tend to bore me, but I'm very fond of Tony Hawk, Skate, NBA Street V2 and some WWE games (if you count it as sport... sports entertainment... whatever).


The 5 Best Madden Games of All Time

Madden has a long and storied history, but no doubt, some of the titles were better than others. Here is a look at the 5 best Madden titles to ever release.

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2938d ago
LAWSON722938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

Damn right... Lol

Anyways my favorite Madden will always be Madden 08. I am not into football these days and is the last time I thought the Redskins had an awesome roster.

Akuma2K2938d ago


NFL2K5 is the best football game ever made, 11 years later it's STILL the #1 standard on how a football game is supposed to be made and looks.

EA still hasn't got clue on how to make a football game after all this time since then, with all the money they make from madden its a crying shame that their game engine is still in the dark ages.

Apollosupreme2938d ago

I think Bon Jovi said it best: "It's all the saaame. Only the names'll chaaaaange".


whitesoxfalife19762938d ago

The madden that went online is my favorite.

Horny2938d ago

While I still think 2K5 is the best as far as Madden goes my three favorites made the list, 02,04,05

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Top 10 Madden Cover Curses

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A Gamer's Love Letter: The Defining Moment for Madden

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