IGN Wii's preview 2008 - And you thought 2007 was good...

If you thought 2007 was a good year for Wii, let IGN introduce you to your new best friend: 2008. Hot on the heels of a super-successful December holiday, forward Wii momentum is showing no signs of slowing in the new year. In the first few months, good efforts like No More Heroes, Endless Ocean, Bully: Scholarship Edition will lead the way into a very big March, which is set to encapsulate anticipated games like SEGA Superstars Tennis, Worms: A Space Oddity, Okami, and a little fighter called Super Smash Bros. Brawl. You may have heard of it. The year will also house the release of a brand new Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and, obviously, Wii Fit, which could very well become one of the most popular efforts of the year. In addition, IGN expect major software announcements from third-parties, which will be adding AAA titles to Wii's roster on a fairly regular basis. Finally, don't think for a second that the Big N doesn't have several tricks up its sleeves – expect some epic revelations from the company that created Mario and Zelda.

The list of IGN's predictions (details are available on the tenth page of the article):
- Wii best-selling console of 2008.
- Nintendo releases unconventional voice chat solution for Wii.
- E3 2008: Nintendo announces new Wii take on major classic franchise.
- Nintendo releases new Wii colors and wireless Nunchuk with Wii Play-style mini-games.

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wiizy4663d ago

wii laughing straight to the bank.. 08 is going to be massive with major exclusive and announcements.. patcher is right.. i expect wii to sell almost double what xbox 360 and ps3 does throughout the whole year

joemomma4663d ago

The wii only had 1 good game in 2007. How is that a good year?

RecSpec4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

It was the best selling console all year, plus there are still people who want it and can't get it. And unlike people who want PS3 or 360 and can't get it, it's not due to price.

Edit: Although this doesn't mean you are wrong about the Wii's sparse library.

heyheyhey4663d ago

great nice to see the wii still alive and kicking with great games in 08- i really want to play SSBB and dragon quest swords

RecSpec4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, and SSBB will be a pretty good trio, not as good as Mario, Zelda, Metroid, but still pretty good. That is IF Animal Crossing comes out this year, if not, next winter will be pretty cold for Nintendo.

And why the hell is Chun Li golfing!? Crossovers keep getting more bizarre by the second.

jonboi244663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

SSBB, DQ:swords, Mario Kart, No More Heroes, maybe Okami(have the ps2 one) and possibly TOS2(which didn't get get mentioned on ign 08 preview) are the only games i would pick up, the other games are blah. Other than Nintendo games and most likely DQ, FF and maybe TOS2 doing well in japan i don't see third party games doing that well in 08 especially when casual gamers won't pick up maybe one or two games this whole year which are usually games like wii play or some party game. True its hard not to believe that the Wii will be the top selling console worldwide in 08, it just seems the games looks kinda weak except for a couple games . I expect big things announced at e3(hopefully no more stupid add-ons or stupid peripherals) and some huge games being announced for the holiday seasons. And for god sakes don't delay SSBB any longer that game is one of the reasons I got a Wii. and after beating Zelda, Metroid, SMG, and Zack and Wiki my Wii barely gets played unless people are over here. So Nintendo bring the games and bring them soon with out delays.

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The story is too old to be commented.