Xbox Live still the place to be

GATEKeeper says, "Last night I was at the Gladstone Hotel for some light snacks, a couple of drinks, and to check out new Xbox Live Arcade titles. I have to say, this far into the latest generation of consoles, there's no one even close to competing with what Xbox is doing with online games and the Arcade. It's not even remotely a contest.

There were a number of games to check out, including a couple that are already out. One of the big favourites was Boogie Bunnies, which stood out as one of the most popular and engrossing. Omega Five was also cool, although for those of us who are a bit more immature, there's something very wrong about the male character's canon.

But the big reason I was there was actually for a game called N+ that is coming out very, very soon. The game plays out like one of the classic games you would have once bought for your Comodore 64 - you control a little stick figure ninja who has to make his way across the screen without getting shot, blown up, or falling to your death. The game is a total blast, and fairly difficult, but the best part of playing is actually the death scenes. For instance, I hit a mine at one point, which sent body parts flying across the screen, setting off some other mines, and flinging body parts even further."

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You bought an Xbox4663d ago

And i must say I DISAGREE that "Xbox Live still the place to be" and whan i get a PS3 later in the year i think PSN will be the place to be

cr33ping_death4663d ago

HHHHHMMMMMMMM yeah its kinda hard to be there when my 360 too a sh!tter all over my gaming experience. good thing i have my PS3. i would have been hurt if my PS3 had craped out on me.

THAMMER14663d ago

When will you fan boys stop acting like sales men? My 360 bla bla bla... I will soon bla bla bla... Mark my words bla bla bla...PS3 is going to bla bla bla...

Are you people even reading the articles?

Tackle9904662d ago

You took the words right out of my mouth....

iNcRiMiNaTi4663d ago

and shows that xbla is still running strong but there is one game on PSN that im seriously jealous of. echo chrome, thats the only game i want from the PSN.

Randominator4663d ago

If anyone actually read this article, this N+ game is pretty much just N game. Who would pay to play a free online flash game... The person who wrote this article is honestly pretty ill-informed.

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