Forget Xbox 360 RROD: Here is Sony PS3 YLOD

Everyone knows about the Xbox 360 RROD (red ring of death) thanks to some 33% of games consoles getting this problem, now we have proof of the Sony PS3 death with a so called YLOD.

The video below shows a Playstation 3 with yellow lights, it sounds like a hard drive gone bad to me from the clicking noise as that's what I have had with many PC hard drives.

Every product gets faults, but it's just what percentage of that product that counts. We have heard around 1% of PS3's have problems and why shouldn't they, but this is nothing compared to the well known and joked about world-wide RROD.

In the case of the gamer that made this video below, his console has already been taken away by Sony.

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Downtown boogey5879d ago

This is ONE PS3 broken after a year. Find out how many 360s had been crashed in that time gap, and then you'll know WHAT to forget.

mikeslemonade5879d ago (Edited 5879d ago )

If you say PS3 has a 1% failure rate still right now then the xbox 360 has a 70% failure rate because everyone knows that the 33% is a lie from Microsoft. Why would they reveal the real failure rate to everyone? Most who had a faulty 360 have had it fail more than once. Those replacements tend to fail faster than new 360s.

This retard in the video probably dropped the PS3 or hit the PS3 in someway to cause the HDD malfunction.

Violater5879d ago (Edited 5879d ago )

raza514 made a good point, the sound is not coming from the ps3….it was there before he turned it on.
I'm wondering if there is even a hard drive in the thing.

ReBurn5879d ago

This is one PS3 that is broken, but it isn't the only PS3 that has broken. The Playstation forums have plenty of evidence of that. But there still aren't as many broken PS3's as there are broken 360's out there.

It is good to be able to see one of the indications of a PS3 failure. This is the first video I've seen.

Mr PS35879d ago (Edited 5879d ago )

The YLOD (The only one in existance by the way) Is far more stunnigly beautiful,sexy and gorgeous to look at than the Ugly,nasty,sleezy,skanky,smell y,down right butt ugly RROD

TheXgamerLive5878d ago

Maybe he let his ps3 get dusty and ya know that sony won't fix a dusty console:))

5878d ago
MADGameR5878d ago

How are you going to compare just 1 PS3 getting a death light to to MILLIONS of 360s that have gotten RRoDs?! That person must be ONE REDICULOUSLY stupid fanboy! Thats the first time I've ever seen the PS3 with a yellow light. 1% does NOT compare to over 35% of failure rate! Anyone who gives a disagree is ALSO beyond stupidity!

2Negativecool5878d ago

Or maybe he shouldn't have let his little sister try to feed it icecream.

longtimegamer5878d ago (Edited 5878d ago )

why oh why is he pressing the power on botton twice before its even turned on?
the ps3 is NOT faulty, he just doesnt let it start up because he presses it twice.

common logic.

red light is on stand by....press once its about to turn on, press twice it turns on and off because the second press you turn it off.

right when its about to turn on, he presses it again, WTF is that? LAME!!!

LJWooly5878d ago (Edited 5878d ago )

Wageslave, getting wound up over fake numbers makes you even sadder than the guys who made them up.

Look at this:

Note the phrase "do not feed the troll".

In other words, if someone's talking BS, then simply ignore them. If no one pays attention, the 'troll' has no incentive to carry on. Problem solved.

And 33% isn't a made up number, around about a third of the people I know with a 360 have had either the HD-DVD add on, hard drive, or the whole console break on them. Let's just face that the 360 has crappy hardware (the first step on the road to happiness is acceptance, you know), but if you like the 360 that much, that shouldn't stop you from enjoying your purchase, just get it repaired. Problem solved.

If hardware reliability matters to you that much, then get a PS3.

Kleptic5878d ago (Edited 5878d ago )

@ wageslave...

the 33% failure rate was not manufactured by a single gamespot...it was cross referenced from several retailers, which were all reporting the media an extremely high amount of returns being attempted (in which they would tell customers they needed to take it up with MS)...

when it really started to get out of hand, MS's PR campaign was still saying "we have a normal electronic failure rate of ~3%, which is within the market norm"...

then it errupted...what is foolish is that you think 33% is a made up figure...the number is easily 30%...almost every single person that is into gaming knows at least one person that has had a failed 360...I know 3 people that own one personally, and each of them have replaced theirs at least once...you constantly hear podcasts and web vids where a gaming site has an office 360 fail...and it is still happening...what you are misunderstanding is that the 30% is referring to the shortened life expectancy of the 360 (this is the number that analysts also tacted onto the 360, and MS has yet to deny that number since extending the warranty)...30% will have a much shorter life span than what is deemed acceptable by the industry, hence the extended warranty to take care of that if and when it happens...

this RRoD issue turned into one of the biggest and most expenisve product replacement programs in the electronic industry's history...

Urban legends do not cost 1.3 billion dollars...get your head out of your ass...

AzaziL5878d ago

my only worry from sony is that they'll mark any damage to their PS3 as "an act of God" and not honor their warranty. At least M$ will replace their mistake with ease.

RevN8r5878d ago

Here's my experience. I have had both the 360 and the PS3 since their respective launches. I have had issues with both, but I've had to replace my 360 due to the RRoD. My PS3 was having issues reading the information on the hard drive, but after a quick call to customer support (btw, it was quick, not like the M$ c.s.), I was able to restore the default settings and everything was fine.
Now as for the 360, I have 3 brothers-in-law, and each of them has had to get a replacement, one of them had to get 2. My father-in-law also had to replace his, as did his neighbor, and one of my wife's co-workers had to replace 3. About 50% of the people on my friends list have also had to replace theirs. That's pretty much everyone I know personally with a 360, and half of the people I know just online. I'd say that's an issue.
My PS3 buddies (admittedly fewer) have never complained about any issues. Even online I haven't found anyone with the same issues I've had, I've found other issues, but they all seem quite random in comparison, and most of those people have had an easy fix, like a hard restart or restoring the default settings.
Now I'm not a fanboy, in fact, I play my 360 more than my PS3 (more games=more play), but I have to say that as far as they both go as a reliable product, the PS3 is far ahead of the 360, and with the exclusives coming, I'm glad I have my PS3.

fusionboxer5878d ago (Edited 5878d ago )

Not to be the rain on your "facts only" rant, but this link was posted up summer of last year and even if the number posted isn't exactly 33%, the article stating that ALL 360's had some sort of issue is kind of disconcerting if you ask me.

Anyway check the link out.


Lumbo5878d ago

Quote wageslave:
"Does *ANYONE* want to provide a 1st hand source for that number? There *isnt* one because the number is a URBAN LEGEND."

Lets see, you DO believe in whatever Microsoft tells you, right?

Microsoft put the sum of 1.3 BILLION USD into the "xbox360 extended warranty" coffer, that has been reported by MICROSOFT, therefor by your standard it is the plain truth.

The extended warranty is for ALL Xbox360 build in 2006 and earlier and ONLY for RROD issues as also stated by Microsoft

Microsoft stated that they SHIPPED 10Million XBox360 at the end of 2006

That are ALL perfectly valid Microsoft statements there, directly from the source, i hope you don't call MS reps liars here, are you?

Now lets apply BASIC math:

1.3 billion $ cash for repairs of 10 million consoles = $ 130 per unit.

Cost to replace a RROD unit including shipping: max ~ 350-400 $ (new unit+shipping)

Result: the amount of money Microsoft put back for the RROD issue that is the only thing covered by the new warranty is enough to REPLACE 30% - 40% of the 10 million consoles shipped by the end of 2006.

If YOUR 3% rate would be reality then the Microsoft manager would have put enough money into the pool to cover for a shipping amount of 108 MILLION xbox360s. I don't think you would expect MS to have sold 108million 360s already, or do you?

So either the ~30% RROD rate is spot on, OR the Microsoft financial managers are all incompetent retards who can't handle cash. No one sets aside that amount of money without a good reason.

wageslave5878d ago

HA! good work Sony Defence Force

You abused the comment system to report my comment as spam.

So, in brief: This article is filled with idiotic lies reporting heat-failure numbers without any evidence.

The real rate is unknown, the new machines are fixed and have been for many months. Failed machines get free fixes. No problem.

So, the rate in this article is little more than an Urban Legend.

Sorry, SDF, your favorite FUD is clearly false. No one with any sense would ever believe your baseless lies.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5878d ago

I don't know I seem to forget all about the RROD, because I'm being drowned in all these games and console sales that continue to dominate the PS3. When I get this huge pile of games off me maybe I could remember the RROD. Untill then the only thing I can remember for some reason are the December NPD numbers.

Question, why does the RROD console continue to outsell the PS3 both in games and in units, by a "HUGE" margin? I just can seem to figure that one out, LOL I mean here is the RROD console that sells games buy the millions and here is the PS3 that can barley pass 100k. It's like bizzaro world huh?

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Kulupoo5878d ago

My PS3 show the same problem that can only be turn on for 5 sec, but all u need to do is hold down the power button for 10 sec on the PS3 and it will work just fine...anyone same w/ me?

ancient1125878d ago

go bad over time. They all start to go bad after 3 years, the life span depends on how lucky you are. Certainly if you leave the PS3 on 24/7, it will shorten the life span as well. This might be one of the first HDD that goes bad in a PS3 since launch. We will see more of it as the time comes.

But regardless, this is more of a compliment than an insult to the PS3. Because one of the coolest feature of the PS3 is you can replace the HDD easily. HDD are disposables, not meant to last forever.

undacovabrothe5879d ago

Alli got to say its 1 faulty equipment to... 33% of faulty equipment. Yea this guy shyt may be broke but its not a mass alarm that I should wake up everyday and pray when I turn my ps3 on that I dont get a "YLOD" lol.

Mikelarry5879d ago

every product has a faulty batch, sony are at least taking the blame for the faulty console.ms on the other hand first blamed it on the customer, then blamed it on the power surge(how LAME) before they finaly agreed it was thier fault.

AngryHippo5879d ago

...is this news?! This is just some really sad attempt to start some sh!t. Don't rise to it people.