PS3 Hack Alert - Rumour Squashed

According to PSLegion: Sony has made many delays to launch the PLAYSTATION 3 console to improve Blu-ray functionnality but more importantly to tighten its defenses against hackers to avoid getting its games pirated which will damage its profitability. ...

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smart_head4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

I'm really against software and movie piracy. I like to support the people behind a good movie or software. They deserve our support for the hard work and endless hours they put in. I'm a computer engineer and I kind of know what pulling an all-nighter at work is like. It's not anyone's idea of fun.

I understand, however, that as cost of entertainment increases, the number of people that shell our the money to buy games, etc. decreases. Not everyone can afford to buy every "must-buy" game for their beloved console anymore, and this brings up the interesting topic of piracy. Those that cannot afford every single game out there resort to piracy. However, my question is, if they were not going to buy a game in the first place, would it be really unorthodox to be able to simple pirate the game? Yes, people that don't support the developers at all should support them, but those that can't afford the game they want could, maybe, pirate the game? It's an interesting topic and I'd like if I could hear from some of you on this.

DTClown4668d ago

Ya know, I can't afford a Lamborghinni, so just because I can't afford one is it alright if I steal one? People that make pirated software are criminals. period. People who knowingly buy pirated software are criminals. period. period. period.

Ya know, I think I like your house....

The Killer4668d ago

i modded it in 2004 or 2005 and i bought it in 2001, before i modded it i bought around 16 games but then i grew up and became a university student, so for me now spending $60 or EU50 on a game that i might or might not like is worthless and the problem with me and with many others i think is when i finish a game i never play it again, and also i dont like to finish the games in 1 or 2 days, i usually spend weeks so rental is not ideal for me! so since i modded my ps2 i downloaded around 30 ps2 games and 80% of them i didnt play till now even good games because they take too long like RPG or not appealing!! so if my ps2 wasnt modded i wouldnt have bought a game it think, or maybe max 2 games "shadow of the colossus" and "god of war 2" but u see after i finished them i never played them again!! so is it worth spending that money on something like 10-12 hours of game play!! i still go out partying meet girls etc!

cmrbe4668d ago

Yes i do agree 100% about buying software for entertainment and supporting devs. i think its cruel to cheat them of their hard earn money.I know i would be pissed. But perhaps the content providers should provide a fair an equitable pricing scheme depending of the average wage for a particular country/region. For example for developed countries they might pay full but developing countries perhaps half-price. Introduce region codeing again BUT MAKE SURE that all software see a worldwide release. This way those in developing countries won't pay an arm and a leg but they still pay something to content providers and will greatly discourage piracy which will earn the devs more money. Just my thoughts.

Skerj4668d ago

They learned their lesson from the PS1/PS2/PSP. However, if one man can make it, another man will surely break it in time. I'm kinda looking forward to it, not to pirate games but as anyone with custom firmware on PSP can tell you, there are some cool features and abilities to be had.

Armyless4668d ago

What kind of cool features can you get with a hacked PSP?

Skerj4668d ago

They're quite numerous, the only handheld gaming platform that can do as much as a hacked PSP is the GP2X. In any case you can rip your own PS1 games to the PSP instead of relying on Sony to upload them to the PS store, emulators to nearly every platform prior to the PS1, extra audio/video codecs, adhoc file transfer apps, directory editing apps etc.

Like I said there's a LOT you can do with it, to check out more of what you can do check around at

4668d ago
travelguy2k4668d ago

I imported a PS3 from the USA region 1 DVD and i live in Mexico Region 4 DVD, i cannot play a region 4 DVD in my PS3 but i can play any Pirated movie i want. Seriously, i have bought a bunch of movies that i cannot play, i had to go buy the pirated copy to make it work. So in some ways their system works but in others it just makes it counter productive.

I am just glad blue ray is the same region.

DTClown4668d ago

If you live in Mexico, buy a feakin PS3 in Mexico where you also will buy your software/movies to play in your machine!

When people who live here in the USA buy a car from the UK, the car does not come with the drivers side on the opposite side as in the UK, it HAS to be converted to OUR laws and ways of driving. (unless it is a collectable)

Point is, buy the sh!t from your own country so you won't HAVE to break any laws because of the incompatability of using a device that WAS NOT INTENDED for you to use.

DJ4668d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the PS3 never gets successfully hacked.

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