PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 2007 to support mods

The CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 version of Unreal Tournament 2007 will allow the usage of mods, user-created software which are able to modify certain aspects of the game.

Speaking to gaming site, Sweeny pledged his support to the moding community and said that the online model which Sony will offer for the PlayStation 3 allows for more flexibility. Stating that the moding community was "an essential part of [Epic's] success", Sweeny announced that "We would love to transfer this mod community over to the console platforms."

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UrbanJabroni5857d ago

Can't wait until the console is infected with viruses, online is unplayable due to exploits and our consoles get bricked thanks to hackers.

There is a reason XBL is a closed system.

DJ5857d ago

It was actually explained at TGS that developers and publishers have the option of either maintaining their own servers, or relying on Sony's internal servers (i.e. closed network). This is a actually a big reason that so many developers are excited about the PS3's Online Network. Sony's giving them a lot of freedom to do what they do best, and without any restrictions. True, quality assurance is a slight risk, but I'm sure they can handle it. Sony got the assistance of other companies as well for their online network, and on top of that have many, many years of experience.

As for the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament supporting mods, I think it's great. We should be able to have the same amount of functionality and freedom as PC users.

FordGTGuy5856d ago

Your talking about exploits, hacks, and a huge amount of viruses and cheats. Screw That.

WhEeLz5856d ago

yea you guys are right. i dont want to get my ps3 and then get a virus or some other crap on it

achira5856d ago

nice to have mods on the ps3!!! and to the virus topic: the architecture is open does not mean it has more viruses. the only reason you are talking about viruses is because you are jaleous about ps3 will have mods and the xbox360 not.

FordGTGuy5856d ago

Achira, Linux + Browser + Open Network = Risk Of Getting Viruses. I don't care if PS3 gets Mods if I wanted a game with mods I would play it on my PC.

Asuka5856d ago

Have you ever used Linux????

gsquad5855d ago (Edited 5855d ago )

Honestly Linux has far less viruses developed for it than Windows and IE. So I don’t thing that viruses on the PS3 will be a problem. Most people like getting things for free, so the hacker community doesn’t really mess with Linux or Unix for that matter. (In terms of catastrophic failure viruses.) They really only go after Windows because it is so over priced and it is forced down the throats of the PC world. Not to mention that most fortune 500 companies use Linux or Unix for there computer authorization infrastructure. (Security is actually better. Less options to exploit.) Windows just becomes the front-end because people are more accustomed to it. (I.e. because they have it at home on their personal PC)

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