Burnout Paradise gets 4.5/5 from GameSpy: "Must-own"

It's not a flawless package; some of Paradise City's terrain could be easier to navigate with do-it-yourself waypoints, and the inability to restart a race is irritating. However, there's so much to do and wreck that you'll invest tens of hours in single-player before you even tap the d-pad to jump into the online experience. Paradise is undoubtedly the first must-own racing game of 2008.

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MK_Red4669d ago

Another great score for this great game.

Lifendz4669d ago

I wasn't planning on it. I didn't really like showtime mode and the openness (is that a word?) of it really intimadated me. IGN said you have to keep looking at the map during a race to get your bearings. The game is gorgeous though and the online stuff is really innovative. Guess Burnout is going to be added to my library. Maybe I'll sell Fight Night to put something towards it.

MK_Red4669d ago

You should. FN3 is a great game but by now you've pretty much played it enough and it's time to go to Paradise :)

Korosuke4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

you can explore restriction area in the demo :)

MK_Red4669d ago

lol, awesome find. Bubbles for you :)

MaximusPrime4669d ago


I have been trying that but failed. :(

I must hit the handbrake fast.

Korosuke4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

Thanks MK_Red, bubble back to you to helping reach 10.
But I just found the Videos, not find how to do this...

@MaximusPrime's difficult. :(

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