Retailers adjust high-def space, Some lean toward Blu-ray after Warner move reports some key retailers are adjusting how they merchandise high-definition discs.

Predicting falling demand for HD DVD as consumers learn that the industry's leading film supplier will stop producing in the format, Trans World Entertainment, Newbury Comics, Video Buyers Group members and Hastings Entertainment are among the retailers beginning to emphasize Blu-ray.

Trans World, which operates more than 800 F.Y.E. storefronts, will be giving more catalog room to BD titles than HD DVD titles. Also, in the coming months, Trans World plans to order select, key new releases on HD DVD, while continuing to take in most new BD releases.

Newbury will cut back some on HD DVD copy depth in anticipation of BD drawing more customers. Before Warner's decision, Newbury was ordering about half the copy depth on HD DVD titles as on Blu-ray titles. Now, the chain will be ordering one-fourth to one-third of the copies on HD DVD that it will order on BD. Going forward, HD DVD titles are likely to be placed only at select Newbury outlets that are strong on high-def sales.

Retailers including Best Buy,, and electronics superstore Bjorn's are all informing customers, either in-store or online, about Warner soon ending its release of new HD DVD titles, but so far, the stores are not significantly changing their merchandise mix.

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kalistyles4667d ago

My friend is the regional branch manager for Best Buy New England and he said that all the stores are now turning their attention exclusively towards Blu Ray. Also their clearing more space for their titles and shifting the HD DVD movies to the side thats not looked at so much.

Cyrus3654667d ago

You'll definitely be seeing more and more (smaller chains do this) because they have to, they can't afford to stock both, especially when it appears one format is done.

The big guys like Bust-Buy and such can afford to do so for now, but want the consumers to pick the 1 format quick, so they can move forward.

MaximusPrime4667d ago

HMV in UK has more Bluray than HDDVD.

I see Bluray has extra rows whereas HDDVD lost some rows.

Signs that Bluray is more preferable format here in UK.

killer_trap4667d ago

well, it was bound to happen. one of them had to edge the other at the end. i never thought of it like the system wars. the video game industry has room for three compititive formats being Wii, ps3 and xbox360. but looks like the movie industry is always keen on supporting one format only.

good thing i bought a ps3. imagine demand for the the system would rise and sony would rise the price back to $600.....i'll be laughing at new buyers forever if that happens.


just a thought don't take it seriously please.

Cyrus3654667d ago

Not going to happen with 3 consoles makers in there (Rising price), i've never seen it. And the one who could probably afford it, is Wii, hasn't done it yet, doubt they'll ever do it either.

jessupj4667d ago

Good to see retailers not screwing customers. Also good to see because we should see a perhaps subtle jump in blu ray sales while HD DVD lose sales. Blu ray is definitely going to win, it's just a question of when, but this move will speed up the end of the war. I think everyone can agree that's is a good thing, so thank you all you retailers for doing this. Who knows, Toshiba might even admit defeat and back down if their sales slump low enough, which their sales will.

Cyrus3654667d ago

I think it's good the big boxes are informing Potential HD customers, of the pending Warner move.

whoelse4666d ago

More good news today for the Blu-ray camp.

Glad we are finally seeing signs on retailers shirting attention on Blu-ray.