Victor Godinez: PS3's current competition is its predecessor

Via The Dallas Morning News:

"They say the darkest hour is right before the dawn. Sony better hope so.

The final December U.S. sales tallies for each console came in this week, and the news was great for Nintendo (1.35 million Wiis sold), good for Microsoft (1.26 million Xbox 360s) and OK for Sony (1.1 million PS3s).

Oops, sorry, that's how many PlayStation 2 consoles Sony sold. The company rang up just 798,000 PS3 systems.

In other words, since Sony is still struggling to break even on the PS3, the seven-year-old PS2 remains by far the company's most successful console. That's certainly a testament to the PS2's capabilities and top-notch game library. But it's also an indictment of the PS3, and a painful reminder that Sony has, so far, managed to disregard every lesson it should have learned from its past two consoles."

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Genesis54665d ago

They must be making a fair buck off the PS2 in order for the them to still offer full support for the system. Though I think the time is nearing when they'll have to pull the plug,go back to full B/C on the PS3 and then convert the Playstation loyalist to next gen hardware. Well that and a price cut.

Lew_Ijgee4665d ago

The author speaks as if PS2 sales are a bad thing. It still sells well because of its cheap price, the library, and the fact that its still availible/supported. It is still money towards Sony's gaming division which means more R&D for the PS3. Nobody will hear me complaining about the PS2 sales.

Genesis54665d ago

I don,t mean the PS2 sales are a bad thing. It's just if they want the PS3 sales to grow I think something gotta give. It nice to have the option, there still is some great game on the PS2. I still play mine quite a bit. At least Sony gives you that choice. Where as Microsoft didn't hesitate to yank the oringinal Xbox 5 minutes after the 360 hit store shelfs. No gradual adaption for them I guess.

kalistyles4665d ago

I can't say I don't agree because the PS2 is a monster. But this is also good news for Sony also. They must be making mad money on the PS2's and things will slowly start to sway towards the PS3 the same way. It wouldn't make sense to just yank the PS2's from the store shelves. Unlike Microsoft who sold everybody short on the first XBOX I can definitely see them doing the same with the 360 also. It's not future proof. Small storage disc space for games. RROD. Internal HDD not available. No Blu Ray. They will have a new console out by 2010 or sooner and sell everybody short again. They're in for the short term gain not the long term gain. When Sony says the PS3 is in this for 10 years, you can't help but see exactly what their talking about. Sony FTW.

DrWan4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

PS2 is continue to sell well, and if you read David Jaffe's recent blog, he said that, "Yes we are doing a 3 game deal with Sony and the PS2 Twisted Metal is not part of the deal. I enjoy my relationship with Sony and I was told to make a Twisted Metal for PS2" (Along those lines).

Just the fact that Sony knows the PS3 is too expensive they need the PS2 to cushion the company's loss in this transistion period!! But Kaz Hirai said Spring of 08, PS3 will break even on Production cost, and if no more price drop is schedule, the PS3 hardware will start to turn a profit.

Sony's strategy is different than X360 and Wii. Sony knows that the PS3 is going to be losing money for the first 2-3 years in terms of hardware, and it is cushioning that loss with the PS2 which is making a profit on hardware and software. It is actually a smart strategy and gives time for the company to bring down the price and also it helps to build brand loyalty. Alot of the people who are buying the PS2 right now are either: 1) Former GC and Xbox owners who feels comfortable picking one up because the 'war' is over and the PS2 has quite a bit of games they would like to try. and 2) Younger children that the parents got the PS2 for them as their first console. Both of these scenarios will build consumer loyalty, and consumer loyalty is a big thing. Just look at the PS3, has no 'serious' hit titles yet and already surpassed the X360 world wide sales last months, a NeoGeo or a no name brand could NOT have done this. People played games on the PS2 and they know what's in store for the PS3 in the future, that is brand loyalty.

Anyways you look at it. PS2 is a good thing.

Not to mention that I am sure Sony Pictures also helps to cushion the PS3 damage with a big fat check because every BluRay that was sold and watched on the PS3 is a profit for the pS3.

Sony Musics also will help cushion that blow in the future with the release of SingStar.

Same goes for the television department, with the release of PlayTv.

I think Sir Stringer has done a good job integrating the company as a whole and let each dept. help each other out.

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