Final Fantasy VI Advance Dated

Square-Enix confirms those lucky Japanese gamers are set to get the remake in November.

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kmis875851d ago

Can't wait until they release news of a western release. This is my favorite ff of all time. Does anybody know if square enix is signed on to do stuff with the wii virtual console?

kmis875851d ago

Thanks, thats great news!

specialguest5851d ago (Edited 5851d ago )

ok looks like they're progressing the remake series from 3-4 now. i would be really messed up for Sony fans if they remade 7 on the DS before they remade it on the PSP or PS3.

well anyway, FF4 was the very first RPG that got me hooked. i had good memories playing that game and i will probally buy this game on the DS once it's out.