Metal Gear Online is no more, but no one gives a shit rallies its Metal Gear community to talk about if Metal Gear Online will be missed.

Turns out not too many people had very fond memories...

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Snookies122371d ago

Well, it was a great idea, and a refreshing premise... It just wasn't implemented well enough I'm afraid.

versusALL2371d ago

I got into the MGS saga late into the game so by the time I got to MGS4 there was a huge patch waiting for me for online.

I was too lazy to download it, kinda feel bad that I never had the chance to play it.

LiViNgLeGaCY2371d ago

I never got into the online mainly because it was a huge headache to even get started. MGS4 was one amazing game though.

blackbeld2371d ago

MGS4 is the best game I played this gen.

Only the online wasn't good enough. It doesn't feel right.

Old snake is too slow for online. :(

Snookies122371d ago

@blackbeld - Lol! Old Snake... I still don't understand why he's called that. Considering he isn't actually old, it's just that his genes have aged at an accelerated rate. He's like what? In his 40's?

A-Glorious-Dawn2370d ago

I played it for a while, actually enjoyed it once I could get on there.

But far too many hoops to jump through to be able to play.

RXL2370d ago

im pretty sure that's the story with 90% of the people that bought the game lol..

i really REALLY wanted to play it but couldn't get passed 4 percent..

but i played the heck out of the story mode..beat it something like six times lol..

pixelsword2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

I played it right after beating the game (played all night and day for five days straight, I think) and after that, got online.

The gameplay is odd, but it's fun: and most of all, the game had depth.

The best thing I've seen when I played is the weapons. I was perched on a overhead and I shot two people with one bullet each at different distances, and it took off different amounts of health because of their distance.

Right then, I told myself I'd play this game at least once every few weeks after church service.

There were other things that made this online special and fun, but the best part was that the sometimes noticeable difference in gameplay between a single player and multiplayer game didn't exist in terms of control or weapon power.

The S-plug and other nick-nacks which made playing really strategic.

The not-so infamous mumra-meteorax confrontation.


wait a sec, not that one, this one:

Dozens of player configurations for weapons, tech, and skins.

This site is a little short-sighted to say that no one gave a crap, it only shows that they don't have the pulse of the PS3 gamers like they think they do.

It's probably a story based on one little poll in some circle-jerk website; I'm not checking, but a lot of MGO fans would heartily disagree.

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JTX1232371d ago

Idiot... you= IDIOT. you obviously have no idea how good MGO was... SHUT UP!

morganfell2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

If you need to demonstrate the completely dilapidated condition of game journalism, one need look no further than this article.

It is akin to getting a haircut from a one-armed blind epileptic. They mean well but all you get is stabbed in the eyes.

Solid_Snake372371d ago

Disgust is what I feel towards the author of this "article".

Shepherd 2142370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

regardless of this article's quality, it doesnt change the fact that MGS4's online was shit.

mafiahajeri2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

It was good and yeah Mgs was pure class. With that being said though the online was such a headache that Konami login crap was so annoying I wanted to start it up and play when i heard the servers were going offline but I forgot my login details and was like the hell with it...

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SPAM-FRITTER-1232371d ago

its one of my favourite online games.

i don't own a PS3 anymore but when i did i used to love killing suckers reading my playboy i left for them.

i never experienced any of the issues mentioned in the article aside from the konami ID.

people didn't like it so much because it was a hard game to get into.

jimbobwahey2371d ago

That's what turned me off, was how hard it was to get into. I'd go to play it online, wouldn't be able to figure out the bizarre setup for lobbies, hop into something that was populated and get absolutely dominated.

I think it mainly catered to people who played MGS3 online a lot, since the game wasn't very friendly to newbies in my opinion. It's a shame because it was certainly unique, but the steep learning curve turned many people away I think.

ReadyBodyReggie2370d ago

Was a terrible game. Good riddance. Was just a big rip-off of ghost recon future soldier anyway.

SegataShanshiro2370d ago

Wait...what was a ripoff of future soldier?

SteamFrostedEgg2370d ago

and future soldier was an even bigger rip off of littlebigplanet paint gun.

A-Glorious-Dawn2370d ago

I know!

just like Tetris was just a big-rip off of mass effect..

AtomicGerbil2370d ago

You'll be telling us next that Pacman was a rip-off of Luigi's Mansion and Space Invaders a rip-off of Star Fox, huh?

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Knushwood Butt2370d ago

Forcing you to jump through multiple hoops to use Konami's own online system on top of PSN just to play the game was one of the dumbest things Konami have ever done.

Like other people have said, it was way too much of a chore just to fire the thing up. Shame, as the game itself seemed pretty cool.

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Neckbear2371d ago

Blame the obtuse nature of it all.

Elderly_Cynic2371d ago

Wait... you mean MGS Online WAS available at some point..?

Soldierone2371d ago

I care. It was one hell of an online game that took some skill because of all the things you could do.

However Konami absolutely destroyed it by making it use that Konami network crap. Honestly? We can't just use our damn PSN login? That alone made me want to leave, that and the massive updates that took forever.

LiViNgLeGaCY2371d ago

Yep. That's exactly why I quit before I even got started. I've heard from people that it was actually very fun though.

pandaboy2371d ago

Well it was one of my favourite online games ever. It had a small but dedicated community of extremely skilled players.

Shotcalm2370d ago

And we were apart of it....good times