E3 2012: The Walking Dead: Starve for help Preview (

It is no mistake that TellTale Games makes some of the best episodic gaming content out there. This can be found with the Back to the Future, Sam and Max, as well as Wallace and Gromits Grand Adventure. They are now delivering a very dark grim experience for The Walking Dead series. Not to be mistaken by the series found on AMC, this is actually based of the Graphic novel written by Robert Kirkman and takes place before the events of the graphic novel. We are welcomed at the demo with some ridiculous Turkey legs which were the size of Big Gulps as well as a private screening of the Demo for the Second Episode of the Walking Dead game series with both Ricardo Iggo and Kevin Bruner of TellTale Games narrating the demo.

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yea i still need to play the first one >.<

TheSuperior 2322d ago

I need to play the first one too, i wonder if its worth it.

shodan742321d ago

The first episode was absolutely fantastic. Can't wait for this.