Metal Gear Solid 20 year Plot so far, rated?

Sl!ce gaming, have set it upon themselves to rate the past 20 years of Metal Gear Solid. They've come up with some very interesting ratings.
Sl!ce Gaming described it :

"The Plot is great, the graphics keep up with the generations.
Plus, Snake's voice is bad-ass

We may well ask, is there any game of it's maturity level?"

checkout the actual ratings.

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Skerj4662d ago

It's a rare time I'd give a perfect 10 to something, but as far as story goes the Metal Gear saga gets it just like Xenogears.

OsolidOsnakeO4661d ago

There is only one great game, Only MGS....

What make this game great is every thing we hear,see and feel in every part of it..

Hope number 4 be the gratest in the Series...specially with the legend solid snake....

Mr_Showtime14661d ago

you can count on it being a blockbuster ending to a truly phenomenal series.

Razmossis4661d ago

I have to disagree with the graphics and online ratings,
Instead of saying on graphics "it keeps up with the generations" you should say "it sets a new high for the generations"
Think about the graphics in the games that came out along with these games... MGS always looks better! MGS4 may not redifine graphics because graphics nowadays are always so high, but in tyhe past it was alway WOW!! So atleast 9.9

And online, although it was pretty underground, probably due to the little advertising, ask anyone who was an MGO play and they will tell you that it was the best online game ever, nothing even next-gen has come close to it! I for one would give up my PS3 in a second to be able to play that game again! No lies!