Endless Ocean Hands-On Preview

Phillip Levin of Kombo Writes: "From developer Akira, the creator of Everblue for PlayStation 2, comes Endless Ocean, developed exclusively for Nintendo Wii. In Endless Ocean, you take control of a scuba diver, who is challenged with the incredibly adventurous, action-packed and exciting task of exploring the deep blue western sea of Manoa Lai. If you can't detect our sarcasm, we're sorry. We'll tell it to you straight: Endless Ocean is one of the slowest paced games we've played on Nintendo's motion-themed console. In fact, we're pretty sure it's the slowest, period. Is that an insult? We don't mean it to be. We're just trying to get the point out there; the game is slow-paced."

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resistance1004668d ago

I swear this game has been out for months already. (im in UK)

wiizy4668d ago

its not out in the uk.... this game should be good, relaxing

cooke154667d ago

it came out in Europe first.. I want it, it looks like something id play after smoking a joint lol.. kinda like Rez but more relaxing :)