The First Hacked PS3 (This Will Open New Doors)

Team ICE (Along with StreetskaterFU) has exclusively shared with of what all PS3 hackers have been hoping for. After a long journey there finally is a glimpse of hope of a hacking the PS3. Team ICE has found a method run SELF files in GameOS (on firmware 2.10!). In other words they have found a way to run an unsigned code on the RETAIL PS3 via RFOM exploit on the latest firmware.

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Rikitatsu4668d ago

all of my friends Won't buy PS3 until there is Pirated games ... the reason the PS3 isn't selling to well because the lack of pirated games ... i am not talking about Europe/US here ... i am talking of the other World where piracy thrives ...


Don't Approve this story !! or else SONY might discover this LOL

Jdash244668d ago

ohh well......the cats out of the bag now

gamesR4fun4668d ago

is full access to the ps3 power via linux...
pirated games will come tho if this works out but I suspect the door will be shut again on the next update...

0pt1cK1ll3r4668d ago

Going to need a blu-ray drive + blu-ray discs (not hard to acquire) then your going to have a good internet bandwidth + speed.

Though wouldn't this mean if it's to much time to pirate for PS3, game developers may see a positive in the PS3?

Snukadaman4668d ago

You wont be able too run things online....Just like not being able too use a xbox 360 ruin half of what the ps3 is best online.....Dont get me wrong...a modded regular xbox is great...but when it comes too things like the 400 dollar ps3...whats the use? a 200 dollar psp modded with homebrew isnt that much of a loss.

diatom4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Originally Posted by

On iRC EFnet #PS3News tonight 'Team ICE' (alec, streetskaterfu, iqd) approached CJPC showing him a video (below) of a 2007 R:FOM crash/hang/lag in which they falsely claim "OMFG we can hack/run unsigned code 9111!" :D

Both the claim/video are worth about as much as the recently released P3DXLoad Video, however, the tards are posting:

"First we found an exploit to run SELF files in gameos. Then we coded an application which converts ELF files into runable SELF files. We can load these with our exploit. The coding is not finished, we still have to clean the code, that we will get an screen output. The SELF files are running, but screen doesnt show this atm. When this is fixed we could release a "hello world"."

Sadly, this is false and an utter waste of time. For starters, the 'exploit' used to launch the code is quite dated. It uses Resistance: Fall Of Man to copy a replacement EBOOT.BIN to the PS3's HDD. This is quite similiar to the Warhawk method detailed here and here, however is a bit more constrained.

Quite a few Devs, including Gigi found it in the past and even discussed it publically here. Another resident PS3 Dev (Subdub) also found it back in summer 2007, however, we all kept it quiet due to Sony patching the Warhawk method! Even those outside the immediate Dev circle such as Placa have been aware of this since last year... a big YAWN fest indeed.

About the replacement Eboot.bin, it is an unencrypted file, compiled with the Cell SDK (not the OFFICIAL Sony one), with a SCE header plopped onto it- voila, ELF2SELF. Now, any executable file on the PS3 HDD is required to be in the NPDRM format. That is basically an encrypted self, signed with Sony keys with a SCE header wrapped around, and properly relocated tables among other things.

Furthermore if a "Hello World" is a black screen, we all have found a "Hello World"; every single time we shutdown our PS3's. This "Hello World" is nothing but the PS3 hanging up. A hangup- that's all folks. There are plenty of other documented crashes/hangups of the PS3 over the past year and a half, and this is no exception sadly.

We would love to see unsigned code running on a retail PS3. However, this is just another case of kids seeking attention by posting videos that lead nowhere, false or otherwise. With that being said, check out the video for your daily dose of entertainment guys! :P

Regret4668d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Snukadaman, you can play on modded x360 online ;)

titntin4668d ago

Thanks for posting the real deal - i suspected as much by its nece to see deatils being shared here so i don't have to go and check the validity myself!
+bubble for you.

robep34668d ago

Look at sales figs for RFOM,MOTORSTORM,COD4,even titles like Heavenly Sword,Uncharted etc that 360 bots claim have not sold well are!
Take the sales figs for COD4 the sales for the PS3 version are very good in proportion to the number of PS3's out there. In fact if you look at most figs posted for it the number of copies sold per console look better than the 360.If the game is good it will sell well first year sales for PS3 are slightly better than first years figs for 360 and remember its not been out a year yet in Europe until MARCH!!!!!
So let see what happens this year!!!!!!!!

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power of Green 4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )


I don't think Sony's wanting to be last in the software sales race but go ahead and approve the story?.

Rikitatsu4668d ago

Yet it have pirated games everywhere

Pirated games hardly effect Software sales .. Prime examples : Xbox 360 , PS2

power of Green 4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

The 360 is not a console that has problems selling software and the PS2 supposedly has 120 million owners.

Pirated 360 games are useless on XBL amoung other things that can happen if cought, I'll check that out wasn't aware of major pirate issues.

C_SoL4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

"The 360 is not a console that has problems selling software"

He never said that.....

POG u have problems in ur head....

u still have problems in ur head....

it's funny how u see things...

still, ur missing the point. he never said that the 360 has problems selling software..

thats where u tried to twist it....

Rikitatsu:Pirated games hardly effect Software sales...Prime examples : Xbox 360 , PS2

"The 360 is not a console that has problems selling software" and the PS2 supposedly has 120 million owners.






power of Green 4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

This is comming from somebody that seemingly has the comprehension skills of a 5th grader.

PS3 is hurting when it comes to selling software the 360 does not, he tried to compare the two platform justifying pirated games on a platform that does not sell software and is struggling; with a platform that sells so much software a few handi-capped games won't matter.

Re-read his first comment(1)...(2) then read my reply... then read his reply...(3) read my reply...

The whole point of my reply was about Sony not wanting to allow pirating when the Software sales need to pick up!!!!!! and then he mentioned another platform that sells record amounts of software to justify it.

PS3 isn't established nor is it the primary console of dev financial focus as the PS2 was last generation. This will hurt Sony's overall market share if it gets out of hand before Sony can regain the lead in both hardware and software. People buying PS3 for Blu-ray and "Pirated" games will only (AMPLIFY)! the already existing software issue

Do you understand?.

Stay off the sticky icky...

gamesR4fun4668d ago

lol thought they already were POG
but ya like the smart ppl said piracy wont affect game sales any more than it does on the 360 and might just get peeps to go out and buy consoles...
tho like I just said I doubt this will get anywheres.

mikeslemonade4668d ago

Flawed logic because xbox 360 is the only one hacked in the next gen systems and it has the highest attach ratio. And dammit I sold Resistance already.

titntin4668d ago

The reason 360 piracy does not affect software sales is simple,its really hard and risky to hack a 360 to allow you play burnt games, so only a very small proportion of users will do it.
To hack a 360 requires you to open the machine and remove the dvd drive (thats difficult in itself), then attach the dvd drive to a sata sonnector in your PC, and if you are lucky enough to have the correct Sata drivers you can then flash the DVD drive firmware with thre modified one. It can all go horribly wrong and you end up with a brick.
So few people have botherted, so sales not affected.

Compare this with the PSP - where its easy to hack the firmware without having to disemble the machine. As a result there is a huge proportion of PSP owners who have a hacked machine and iso piracy is rampant. Never wandered why hardware sales are so good, but no one buys software? Its because everyyone downloads it.

The PS3 sits as the only current gen machine that you can't play hacked games on, and I rather hope it stays that way! Even if a hack arrives though, its unlikley that too many will pirate games, Blu ray burners are not common amoung the avaerage consumer, and the amount of data you need to download for the average blu ray game is pretty substantial and beyond most peoples pipeline abilities. Its bad enough downloading 360 titles - they are normally in 70 100meg checks on a site like rapidshare...can you imagine how many it would take for a large blu ray title? :)

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DrPirate4668d ago

I don't ever condone piracy (contrary to my name :\), and this industry relies on people doing things legitimately to thrive.

Now for my comment. This was bound to happen, hackers are exceptionally good at what they do. I mean, if they were able to modify a second analog stick onto a psp and give it the ability to play Counter-Strike online, I'm pretty sure they would have found their way into the PS3 eventually.

No system is foolproof.

C_SoL4668d ago

denied that they can hack into the PS3....Now on to a network (XBL PSN), IDK about that....

Makroyale4668d ago

If I pirate a game and actually play it, I buy it. If I pirate a game and play it once, then I don't. I treat my pirated games as demos and if I actually play them for any length of time, I'm obligated to purchase them.

bigshynepo4668d ago

I can afford to buy my own games. Piracy is ruining gaming but I would love to see an Xbox 360 emulator or a gamecube emulator running on a PS3 though...

Or better yet, this could open the doors for a Windows install on a PS3. Wouldn't that make ol' Billy faint?

wageslave4667d ago

How on *earth* would a PS3 EMULATE a Xbox 360? Are you out of your mind?

From IGN's PS3 vs. Xbox 360 hardware shootout:

"CONCLUSION: When you break down the numbers, Xbox 360 has provably more performance than PS3. Keep in mind that Sony has a track record of over promising and under delivering on technical performance. The truth is that both systems pack a lot of power for high definition games and entertainment."

robbo9184667d ago

Wageslave shows a link to something written in 2005 and the completed PS3 came out in 2006. PS3 has more potential overall than X360 does, not saying X360 isn't a great machine but using something from before the PS3 even hit the shelves is stupid and lame. They (IGN) even have on their PS3 FAQs section now "In other words, it's very powerful. In fact, it's powerful enough to perform 218 GFLOPS."

Its sad and laughable that you had to use 2005 info from one site to make your view law.

Cacolaco4667d ago

@ Wageslave: Not to challenge the validity of any of the statements within that linked article, but if you read the whole thing carefully, it clearly states that the analysis that is given is Microsoft's explanation of why the XBox 360 is more powerful.

Since it was written by one of the participants in this current-gen hardware war, it may be less objective than a third party analysis. Just keep that in mind when reading the linked article

Mr Playboy4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Piracy will hurt the PS3 software sales but it will increase the install base just like the PS2

I'm just asking for N64 Emulator or even SNES for PS3

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