Devil May Cry 4 - An Interview with Hiroyuki Kobayashi's friends at XCN recently sat down with Hiroyuki Kobayashi, the Producer of Devil May Cry 4, below is what he had to say about the game.

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picker3324662d ago

Anyway i hope Vergil will be in Dmc5,becouse we can forget him in this

Personally i think Vergil is cooler then Dante,but that's me!


DEADEND4662d ago

Your not the only one that cares about DMC, I'm a big fan of the series. And I also think Vergil over all is a better character the Dante, it was really cool and fun playing as vergil in the special edition of DMC3. Maybe they will have him as a unlockable character for DMC4.

picker3324662d ago

They plan to NOT have that kind of stuff in Dmc4.
Too bad i know!