Dust Guard Kit 3: Stop PS3 Dust

- Brian Ashcraft writes:

Dust is a problem. A big, big problem. Well, it is for my PS3. Those dust particles cannot be good when they get sucked up in the consle's air vents. But, I can't even seem to keep it dust free! Peripheral maker Hori has a solution: Dust Guard Kit 3. Guarding all four air vents, it includes a filter that prevents dust and things like cigarette smoke from entering the PS3. There are also covers for open ports, too! Sounds just like what the dust doctor ordered.

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C_SoL4669d ago

my ps3 doesn't look like that.

PMR_214669d ago

mine kinda looks like that..oh well, I'm sure it'll be fine ;)

Real Gambler4669d ago

If your PS3 get that dusty, get out of the house QUICK!

Seriously, this would be a dangerous health problem. Not only the PS3 would need a suit and filters, but I would suggest that anybody who's entering a house were there's so much dust, to wear a biosuit!

At least, with so much dust, people don't have to buy a HDtv. After all, if the tv look like this, you could not see the screen anyway! : )

liquidsnake4669d ago

You've got that right, I mean it can't be healthy to live in a house with that much dust. Even when me and my buddies played with our Ps3's and had em up and running for 4 days constantly, nothing happened. I mean ofc you could spot a little dust on but nothing close of what is being shown at the picture.

moujahed4669d ago

I came to close to purchasing an Inter-Cooler, and the Hori Dust Guard 3... but by covering up these vents, means you'll have to cut your gaming by a few hours...because it will over-heat faster.

Sony built the PS3 to run for hours, if not a day or so ( PS3 owners know this ) So by adding these perephirals will cause your unit to malfunction because it's not ment for it to be blocked.

Here's the best solution.

1. Giver your unit enough surround space to vent.
2. Keep it clear of walls, Elevate it onto a hard surface
3. Keep away from carpet, dont leave on carpet.
4. Don't smoke ciggarettes around it, seeing that cigg smokers need a fix every 20 mins you'll kill your PS3 faster than yourself.
5. WHIPE IT DOWN!!!!!! The dustier yur PS3 the more dust it'll suck in.

killer_trap4669d ago

i always do all what you listed and yet my ps3 always is dusty. especially where the card reader slots are located. i hope it won't damage the system in the long run.

level 3604669d ago

Another stupid add-on, only gullibles need apply.

Do this simple solutions from time to time:

>> Use a duster.

>> Wipe dusts with piece of cloth ( preferably clean ).

Use your brain, it'll give you some work-out exercise and save you money.

Pika-pie4669d ago

People who moan about dusty PS3s are just so frikken lazy!!

Just dust your ps3 and the surrounding area once a week with an ordinary plain duster... Thats all it needs, it takes about 15-20 seconds.

Chug4669d ago

I just use the hose part from my vacuum cleaner to suck all the dust out of the vents, card reader & usb ports. Its quite effective.

Lumbo4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

And if thats not enough there is always canned air to blow out the remaining dust.

My PS3 is used in the vertical position, hence it does not get as dusty :)

PS: if you look at the Picture you see that the table is at least AS dusty as the PS3, so this is hardly a PS3 problem there, more likely a 'person is a pig' problem.

PPS: after looking at the product description the filters are placed over the "vents" where the air LEAVES the PS3, wtf is that supposed to do, keep the dust INSIDE ?

killer_trap4669d ago

i remember reading that using the ps3 vertically generates more heat. the system's internal temperature would increase quickly if you use it vertically.

Lumbo4669d ago

hmm, does it ? i harly have any problems as i keep my room at around 18° celsius, and the PS3 is on a hard surface ... But i will try with horizontal position later @ folding to check for fan steppings :D

Armyless4669d ago

I remember the article you're talking about. They used thermal cameras to show that more heat is detected at the vents when the PS3 stands vertical and the dummy author concluded that it must generate more heat standing up.

On the contrary, if more heat is visible AT THE VENTS then the air-cooling is operating MORE EFFICIENTLY standing vertical. (Pulling more heat OUT of the PS3.)

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