New Screenshots of PS3 Exclusive - " Wardevil"

A next gen title developed by the team known as DIGI-GUYS, WarDevil promises to go beyond the conventions of a normal video games.

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CaliGamer4668d ago

The detail looks crazy, would like to see it all put together though. Over this looks promising, here is hoping for the best.

zambrota4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Bubbles for you

damn Wardevil is looking impressive


HeartlesskizZ4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

agree...the name it self sounds pretty good but I cant judge the game yet...need to see some gameplay

sonarus4667d ago

graphics arent everything in games but they are the first thing we all look at. This is now placed on my games radar. hopefully we will see new info soon. PS3 won't regain its crown off of mgs4 and final fantasy only it needs a constant assault of high quality games and even low ones it just needs to get more games. This is a confirmed ps3 exclusive too can't remember if it was flat out paying or there were hardware limitations on the other console. Regardless for the yr 2008 true gamers look to ps3 for hope cus the best games of the yr are on the console. Those who want to stick to your xbox are fine too

Richdad4667d ago

The screenshoots are of ingame scene, yes believe it. The game was suppossed to come on 360 too, but they made it a exclusive to save time and resources. But their engine is of multiplatform capability its not a PS3 based engine. So a port is quite possible later on. They are new so they will try to make up most money from their efforts.
On that project offset debate project offset is better technically but the artstyle in Wardevil rivals that of Final fantasy.
Also the publisher is Ignition games which is a UTV firm, yeah the Indian media group UTV.

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blacsheep4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

details insane lets hope it plays aswell as it looks and not another heavenly sword which again was amazing looking but too damn short

poos34667d ago

project offset a 360 exclsuive which actually has in game footage looks better than these wardevil cgi trailers screens

Douche4667d ago

@poos3, why is is that everytime I've seen you post, you've showcased how badly you fail at life? I hate losers like you who say the stupidest of things. For one, Project Offset is NOT a 360 exclusive you bot. It's for the PS3 as well. And two, WarDevil uses an engine that can easily produce 1900x1080 resolutions and 60fps. The developers said themselves that, with the might of the PS3, they are able to render 1080p natively while running at 60fps with their engine. That's not CG you're seeing, that's just the PS3 kickin' @ss. So once again, you fail at life. There's the door.

socomnick4667d ago

I dont mean to spoil your fun guys but these look like renders. So theres no indication what the game will look like yet.

CNIVEK4667d ago

Read #2, moron...that is, IF you can read. :o

redwingsrock4667d ago

"That's not CG you're seeing, that's just the PS3 kickin' @ss. So once again, you fail at life. There's the door."
OHHHHHHHHH thats was flippin amazing!

m91058264667d ago

As of right now, Project Offset is not coming to the PS3, but the exclusivity point is irrelevant as it IS coming to the PC, just like every other 360 game worth playing.

PlayStation3604667d ago

Project Offset looks dope. I don't know if it will/won't go to the PS3. UT3/Haze website say's nothing about the 360, but we all know :P So we'll have to wait and see, could be timed. However, no one can say something WILL or WON'T happen and expect it to be absolute. But in either case, which ever version, 360 or PS3, has the collectors edition, thats the one I'm buying :D

krik4667d ago


Where did you see Project Offset footage running on a 360? All I've seen was footage of the PC (probably high end PC).

Also, Project Offset is not a 360 exclusive, I will play it on my PC :)

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Rattles4668d ago

but how about that trailer they showed ages ago.

poos34668d ago

the game look average and plz ps3 droids stop posting cgi trailers screens and saying its the sctuall game PLZ STOP ur only setting ur selfup to cry just check the movie posted by nomerc and its a cgi trailer just stop it there is no gameplay pics

Bathyj4667d ago

HAHA. The fact you think its CGI is the biggest complement you could pay. Thanks dikhead.

Dont forget its 1080p @60fps too!

titntin4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Much as I hate agree with Poos3 on anything at all (I hate all trolls), he's completly right about that latest set of images being CGI renders. Its completely obvious, and the developers are quite openly saying they are CGI renders. Trust me - I do game graphics for a living, and the differences are blidingly obvious to me.:)
If you wish to see real in-game stuff, go the developers website and look at the RTE 180 gallery for real screen shots. Looks OK, but not stunning. Look forward to seeing it when it is more developed!

Haha! I got a disagree for simply pointing out a fact!! What a joke this place is becoming!

Rikitatsu4668d ago

But the Details are Insane... when we are going to see a gameplay footage

DrPirate4668d ago

It all looks pretty cool, I won't say much since I know absolutely nothing about this game.

Does anyone know what genre it will be? Is this a sequel? Did this studio make any other games?

I'll have to go ahead and say, as of right now, this looks like Mass Effect. I'm not saying it's a Mass Effect clone, but from what I see, Guns, Aliens, Multiple Planets? Is this Sony's space epic? I want to see more before I make any judgments.