A Day in the Life of a Turret

Did you hear the one about the two Portal security guns? Smooth Few Films, creator of The Leet World, takes boring office banter to Portal's timecard workers -- the security turrets. Through this video, we witness ordinary events in these drones' day, all tied together with Portal in-jokes. It's like Office Space recast with robot guns as the leads.

The video probably rates NSFW for language at most jobs. (School teacher: yes. Lobster fisherman: no.) With the stress that these workers endure, we can forgive them for swearing. See the video after the break.

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Bonsai12144666d ago

Ahahahah!! i love it. the companion cube ftw!!

"i wonder if there'll be a cake.."

DEADEND4665d ago

OMFG that was so funny I haven't laughed like that in a while, thanks so much for the vid I needed that.

RedSoakedSponge4665d ago

haha that was awesome! i cracked up as soon as i heard the companion cubes voice lol. pure genius lol.


Half-Life_Fan4665d ago

LMAO companion cube FTW!!!

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