Rein: UTIII on PC not "doing so badly"

Mark Rein has described Unreal Tournament III on PC as not "doing so badly" in response to a question on the game's retail performance in launch month.

More than a few surprised eyebrows were raised when data released by NPD Group put the sequel at 33,995 unit sales in November 2007 in the US, which seemed very low for such a high-profile game.

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jackdoe4662d ago

Er, I wouldn't call it not doing so badly. I'd call it, not doing so well right now, but we are working on patching the game and adding Assault so more people would decide to buy it.

mboojigga4661d ago

Im sorry but people are not going to simply buy the game for this particular mod just like they are not buying the game because it has the mod for Halo. PC games have been on the decline for years. Very few games sale on the PC and all it takes is a brief look at what games sale and what doesn't. What is odd is that you can't pinpoint it down to different genres that is a sure thing to sale. It is random across the board.

ohhthegore4662d ago

Sad to see such a great game not performing so well

Snukadaman4662d ago

so the ps3 version is keeping them afloat right

Iron Man 24662d ago

I though PS3 owners didn't buy games?Xbox fanboys have got some explaining to do...

But yeah,it's sad to see a great game like UTIII sell so little

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The story is too old to be commented.