Burnout Paradise Review: Silly flaws will drive you crazy

MiamiHerald: "Burnout Paradise blazes into the sandbox game category with its open-world design, similar to the game play of Test Drive. There are 250 miles of open road to discover and how you do that is up to you. But basic flaws in its interface damage the driving experience.

You begin the game with a learner's permit customized for your photo. To upgrade your license, you need to win events throughout the city. There are 120 unique events, including races, road rage, marked man, stunt run and burning route. You can start a new event at every intersection in the city".

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SageFrancis4661d ago

What a poor review, the first 7 paragraphs weren't even reviewing the game they were just telling you what happens in the game and how it works.

I don't think anyone will care about this review, especially coming from the Miami Herald, despite me not liking 1up, I'd take it's 9/10 over the two and a half stars this shoddy reviewer gave it.

MK_Red4661d ago

Agreed. Some of the flaws they mentioned are actually streigths of new game. They definitly didn't get the new idea of Paradise.
And 1UP is indeed not a great review source but their review and 9/10 is ages better than this one.

MaximusPrime4661d ago

i read a review from UK's OPM. it was a great read. They given it a gold star and 9/10

MK_Red4661d ago

Well, that's a professional gaming magazine that gave it 9/10. EDGE and EGM did the same. Another professional source (site) like TeamXbox gave it 9.2/10. So when we have pros giving it 9s, there's no need to consider a crappy review of a non-gaming source. Their idea of good racings is probably something like Cruis'n.
"Flaws in interface" seriously, there is no interface in Paradise expect for few markers for street names and such. Paradise a completely different take of sandbox racing and a revolution in its kind and some problably won't get for some time.

MK_Red4660d ago

If it's overhyped then where do these scores come from?
9.2/10(TeamXbox), 9/10 (1UP/EGM), 9/10(GameSpy), 9/10(EDGE), 10/10 (OPM US), 9/10 (OPM UK)...

ZTO Jamie4660d ago

Are you saying the games over hyped from personal experience? Or just from this shoddy review?

Personally, i never judge a game untill i play it for myself, no matter what the reviews say.

Rikitatsu4660d ago

Giving it less than 9 is a crime

ThaGeNeCySt4660d ago

Gran Turismo & Forza Motorsport >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>> Burnout series

InMyOpinion4660d ago

I played the demo and the driving and stuff was great. Other than the graphical improvements and open map it feels pretty much like any other Burnout game, which is a bit sad. But the map was sh#t. There was no option to make it static, so instead it turns as you turn your car which made me very disoriented in races.

These flaws actually sound pretty serious if true. I'll wait and see what other reviewers have to say about it.

ZTO Jamie4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

Can you really justify giving a game 2 1/2 stars when they state just two points that you can easily get used to? I don't know what system these guys use to rate games, but they either have no idea of what makes a good game or they are just very very very very harsh.

InMyOpinion4660d ago

I never said I agreed with their score, I just found some of their points of criticism interesting. I haven't played the full game yet, but judging from the demo it deserves more than 2½ stars.

OpiZA4660d ago

Its a really really fun game

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