Wal-Mart gives $10 gift card to victims of Brawl price error

- Wal-Mart wants to apologize with a $10 electronic gift card to those who acted on the long-shot dream of purchasing Super Smash Bros. Brawl for $19.82 last week due to a error last week. Wal-Mart shoppers who had their orders canceled by the corporate overlords have now made $10 out of deal, which can be put toward purchasing Brawl for $39.82 from Brawl buyers who jumped at the error deal, keep an eye on your email, Uncle Wally's sending you a $10 gift card soon.

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chrno64668d ago

Only 10 dollars? What can u buy with that money, a tooth brush?

barom4667d ago

what are you complaining about? free 10$ gift card for doing absolutely nothing.

Dracoexplosion4668d ago

same thing with the haze and singstar price error. got my email yesterday and I think i'll use it to get $10 off haze when it finally gets here.

Odiah4667d ago

In my country $10 is nothing really.

But you guys get your games sooooo cheap. Ours cost about sixty to eighty of your dollars.

barom4667d ago

heheh, it's not cheap compared to the salary over here. but yeah my buddies over in Norway gotta pay over 100$ (1$US is around 5.5NOK, a game costs 599NOK) for a new game. Of course I went over there for christmas and bought them a bunch of games for them. Boy was that a steal for them.