TGS06: Images of Sonic the Hedgehog

Sega released these three images of Sonic the Hedgehog, this time in 1080p resolution.

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TheMART5854d ago

If I'm seeing it right, there is 4 x AA on in these screens, which means...

Sonic 1080p on 360 screenshots. Anyone seeing that also?

TheXgamerLive5854d ago

other console. Ps3 is attempting to and just may, we'll have to see if/when there console is released. But MS is and will be dong it first.

kmis875854d ago

Quote from the link which you probably didn't bother to read: "Sega released these three images of Sonic the Hedgehog, this time in 1080p resolution. That (probably) means that they're from the Playstation 3 version, but who knows during these crazy announcement-days?"

TheXgamerLive5854d ago (Edited 5854d ago )

Have shown 1080P and that the author may not of known or just presumed as you are doing and as we are also doing. But, since it's aan XBOX web site I'm going to go with it's an XBOX 360 screen.

kmis875854d ago

Since the person who posted it admittedly has no idea what console they are for, because Microsoft only recently announced 1080p support and it probably hasn't been implemented in this short time span, and because ign has these same screens posted under ps3 sonic media and not under 360 sonic media, I'm gonna have to disagree with your random assumption. But then again, what do I know.

uuuunvnv25853d ago

Who gives a flying [email protected]#%!!! ITS SONIC not MGS4 not GOW, shoot its not even DOAX2. It's sonic, if you people think that this game is woth fighting over then i must have walked into a room of 12 year olds

MoKa5853d ago

Are you serious? "shoot its not even DOAX2" YOU must be 12 years old if that is the kind of game you must buy to look at girls.

uuuunvnv25853d ago

that was the point re-re!!! why in the world would i play a game wear the only video i have seen is a girl dry humping a blow up killer whale?

PS360PCROCKS5853d ago

haha yeah that games pretty pointless, but dont knock sonic, sonic is so awesome, I hope this is a good game

achira5853d ago

these are obviously the ps3 screenshots.

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