The Games That Didn't Quite Make The NPD Top Ten List For December

- They didn't quite make the top 10 list for December on US NPD charts, but Mass Effect, Mario Party DS and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune also performed well during the holiday month.

Xbox 360 exclusive Mass Effect sold 401,000 during December, according to NPD numbers provided to virtual videogame stock market The simExchange.

Sony and Naughty Dog's critically-acclaimed action adventure game for PlayStation 3, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (also released November 20) sold 206,000 copies during the month.

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ngg123454663d ago

Anyways does anyone know what R&C TOD sales were. That was also another game that didn't okay.

CH-OutbreaK4663d ago

I dont know about ratchet, but its a great game. But uncharted. WOW. Amazing. I cant say anything about mass effect. Some people like, others dont. how is it?

Gitaroo4663d ago

seriously Im surprise more ppl buy ASSassin creed than ratchet or uncharted. Don't even know what the hell most of the PS3 gamers are playing. Blu ray movies?

ThaGeNeCySt4663d ago

Judging by the sales... Resistance, Motorstorm, Assassin's Creed, & COD4

wiizy4663d ago

glad to see that all the wii games are selling

Bladestar4663d ago

wow... one can tell the state of a console when a game like "Xbox 360 exclusive Mass Effect" sells 401,000 ... an RPG game sells more than a FPS like Unreal Tournament or better than the best PS3 game (Uncharted)... Things may be different in other regions but people in the US are only buying the PS3 to play blu-ray movies...

I believe is Sony's fault... Their are marketting the PS3 primarily as a Blu-Ray player... who knows maybe now that they are ahead of HD DVD they re-focus on the fact that it can play games...

mboojigga4663d ago

This has been my assumption all year. If you look back throughout the year with the game sales for the PS3 and you will see it doesn't matter how low or high the game is reviewed they are simply not selling. Games that should be must haves are not. Rachet was bragged about as reaching Toy Story status and this game has never once reached the top 10. What is odd is that it is not an original IP this game did good for the PS2 but doesn't sale on the PS3? Then Uncharted and Unreal Tournament. Uncharted an original IP by one of the best developers in the industry and people say things like:

"No multiplayer"

Neither does Assasins Creed yet look at those numbers on the PS3 alone.

"New IP"

So is AC again look at the numbers.

"No Advertisment"

Bullsh*t I have seen commercials for this game alone and with Sony's campaign showing of the PS3 countless times.

The game simply does not appeal to the mass market.

But the other factor I am concerned about is that the PS3 is not seen as a game console first. People are buying it as a game console, just that people are buying it as a cheap BR player first and only for that reason.

InMyOpinion4663d ago

Let's hope MGS4 boosts gamesales for the PS3. Everyone's hyping 2008 as the year of the PS3(in 2006 they hyped 2007 as the year of the PS3) so it will be interesting to see what this will mean. It's no use developing expensive, exclusive titles if no one is buying them. It's simple really. Developers and publishers need to get their investments back, and maximize their profits as much as possible.

Doctor Strange4663d ago

These are numbers for December in U.S right so Uncharted didn't do that bad as far as December is concerned.

I don't have any sales figure but I think I'm right in assuming that Uncharted worldwide sales should be close to a mil, it not selling very fast but its not a failure.

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