Mystery Xbox 360 game: Sergenal Sense

Siliconera » Written by: Spencer on January 18th, 2008 @ 3:07 pm

The Japanese Xbox 360 release calender has a handful of games with temporary names like Tecmo's "Project Progressive", King of Fighters Maximum Impact 360 (whatever happened to that?) and something called Sergenal Sense. The latter is a mystery since there is barely any information about it. No official page, no corresponding Western release, not even a screenshot. After poking around it looks like Megacyber who has a gothic lolita Nintendo DS RPG, Londonian Gothics: Meikyuu no Lolita, as their claim to fame. Spencer doesn't think Sergenal Sense will be anything like Londonian Gothics, but that doesn't help answer the "what is this" question burning in his mind.

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