Rumored Goldeneye Live Arcade Video

Many know of the rumored Xbox Live Arcade version of Rares FPS classic "Goldeneye" which was released in 1997 for the Nintendo 64.

Now with various petitions spreading the interwebs to convince Nintendo and Microsoft to release the game, Rare has taken matters into their own hands.

A video has been uploaded onto youtube supposedly by a Rare employee showing the world what could have been and what can still be if a deal is agreed upon by Microsoft and Nintendo.

This obviously no texture mod.

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sonarus4666d ago

this is far too inconclusive for me to accept. Anyone could have put this up. Clip brings back memories. This was probably my favourite golden eye level. He didnt complete all the objectives though. Hopefully it still makes live arcade i'd probably buy it for that

TrevorPhillips4666d ago

no this from the N64 version i can tell by the camera movement it will be better on the 360 the graphics cause they said so and the 360 controller its better movement =]

sonarus4666d ago

lol at better on 360 cus they said so lol

ChickeyCantor4665d ago

C:bad fur day for the n64 was raped for the Xbox1.
The only way to make it " better" is using the actually N64 code with updated GFX thats all.

DrPirate4666d ago

I'm sorry to crush everyone's dreams.

I have this. It's how I played Goldeneye and Perfect Dark recently to relive some past VG experiences.

This is all running on an emulator, and upscaled. There is also a high-res model and texture pack hack on this.

These high-res packs also exist for Mario, and Zelda Ocarina of Time and make everything look defined and high-resolution.

Just google around and you'll find your way, it's against the rules to post links and info pertaining to emulation, and illegal roms.

The BS Police4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

The saving content to console messgae, or the B button thats clearly shown at the end of the video.

If this was a emulation with any kind of texture mod, it would not have ran so smoothly or at 60fps.

jacobdevos4665d ago

this guy is basically saying computer hardware isn't advanced enough to emulate a nintendo 64 game at 60 fps.
dude, people play UT3 at 60 fps.. emulators can do the same. it's not as easy because the code isn't native to the PC , but it's clearly do-able.
another hilarious fact is the so-called frame counter in the corner blinks a red 30 a couple times in the video, at the same time it says 60.. very easily proving that that isn't an accurate frame counter at all.. because you can't be at 60 fps and 30 at the same time
the scientist without a head at 1:15 is another nice touch.. hopefully the finished product has scientist heads all loaded in.

the red thing above previous is an interesting point, but at the same time that could be just about anything, i don't see the letter b on it at all...and it's kind of oval

DrPirate4665d ago

Fine. To the doubters:

Look on the forum, I'll be posting up some 60fps shots of Ocarina of Time in High-Definition Wide-Screen, Goldeneye, and Super Mario Brothers.

MasterChief28294665d ago

No you can't have custom models in a modded rom. Obviously this has updated smoother higher polygon count models than the original Goldeneye, which isn't possible on a modded rom or texture pack. Try again.

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Boldy4665d ago

I gave it my approval but im a little skeptical.

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The story is too old to be commented.