Free-To-Play Model is successful for Electronic Arts - Korean F2P FIFA earns yearly $100 million USD

DSOGaming writes: "Seems that it was no surprise that Crytek revealed their F2P plans for all their future titles. After all, Crytek is an EA partner and from what we’ve heard, Electronic Arts is currently quite happy with the F2P model. EA’s Andrew Wilson revealed that the Korean F2P version of FIFA is currently earning 100 million dollars per year."

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NYC_Gamer2321d ago

Wow,that's a lot of profit no wonder studios are jumping on the F2P bandwagon..

andrewsqual2321d ago

Yeah from all the stolen money on Xbox Live accounts last October, just kidding, I know that is not related at all. Even though it could be the case that EA are looking at all of the Fifa franchise, not just the F2P version, which means that my first sentence IS the reason they made a killing.