Black Xbox 360 Appears In Multiple Best Buy Ads

There's no Halo 3 this Christmas, but it looks like we may finally see the Black Xbox 360 we've all been dreaming about.

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kingboy5846d ago

lol didn`t i say soon we gonna see a black xbox.

DJ5846d ago

Then it was 1080p. And now they're copying the color? Wow, Microsoft really can't think up their own strategies, can they. Wait, wait, wait, lemme guess. It's going to have a silver line of chrome on the front, spiderman font, and an HDMI port?

*kidding about the spiderman font.

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they gave it a built-in HD-DVD drive either, even though it'll only be used for movies. When faced with superior competition, they'll resort to anything (as we all learned in the PC sector).

shotty5846d ago

Hey the silver line of chrome is from microsoft, the xbox 360 premium has chrome on the front. The orignal xbox was black. And for 1080p output, technically the xbox 360 will do it first since the update will come before the ps3 is even released. Same for HD-DVD, it will come before the ps3 is even released. Basically sony can't say they did anything first, well maybe blu-ray but the xbox 360 is using HD-DVD not Blu-ray.

uuuunvnv25845d ago

PS3 live-copy
wireless controlers-copy
live arcade-copy
PS3 button on controler-copy
tilt function-copy
i can go on there DJ. In the world of electronics everyone copys....ITS CALLED UPGRADEING!!!! if no one upgraded then we would all still be playing pong and driveing model t cars. In fact i think the only thing sony didnt copy was there name..
hard drive-copy
multi-thred core-copy
512 video card-copy
see i can go on and on

Munky5846d ago (Edited 5846d ago )

i didnt know sony had "dibs" on the color black. relax man, its a color, the orginal xbox was black and the dev kits for the 360 are black so i wouldnt look to much into this. you cant fault a company for giving consumer more choice. pick your battles ppl, fighting over the color is a bit much dont you think??

gnothe15845d ago

that the 2 biggest xbox haters on this site posted first.I remember ya'll saying if you dont like the PS3 then dont post about it,well... the same should apply to you. an DJ you just need to SHUT UP!!! everybody knows you dont like MS so anything you say at this point weather true or not wont hold any value.any little shot you cant take at MS you matter how big or how small, you just need UP!! grow UP an shut UP!!!

Schmitty075845d ago

Now if consoles have the same color they are copying! I am so sick of this website, its turned into fanboy arguements.

uuuunvnv25845d ago

i ment to agree not disagree

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The story is too old to be commented.