Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Component vs. HDMI Comparison

You asked. GameTrailers listened. Component vs. HDMI, full RGB, ultra white. Here are the results from a PS3 Test Unit!

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HarryEtTubMan4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

Seeing this game in HD in person is jaw dropping. It seriously looks sooo good. COD 4 looks good... but Uncharted is just untouched. Its like WHOA... dude this sh!t looks like a painting! LOL

lol what are the jealous XBOTS disagreeing with?

Guys PLEASE give me bubbles!!! Everyone and I will have 4 or 5 in no time! THANK YOU if u do!

actas1234662d ago

Agree. Bubbles for u (u clearly need it bro)

AngryTypingGuy4662d ago

If I buy a PS3 somewhere down the line, this game will be one of the reasons why. It looks excellent.

ddldave4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

the difference is that hdmi has better sound. and component is more prone to shearing and tearing because it uses analog video, and analog is very likely to be interrupted by telephone waves and stuff. since hdmi uses digital instead of analog, it doesn't easily get tearing and shearing whenever there's some other electronic nearby. i'd rather stick to hdmi.

ReBurn4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

@HarryEtTubMan - If you would drop the constant "Xbot" fanboy banter and make reasonable posts you would have 4 or 5 bubbles in no time.

@ddldave - I didn't know that HDMI reduces screen tearing. I still notice it in Uncharted and in Assassin's Creed with HDMI. Are you saying that it would be worse if I used component?

actas1234661d ago

This game is a true piece of art! its excellent.. Still, gamespot gave it 8/10, what freakin morons! and they wonder how they keep losing credibility and members!

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zambrota4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

it has to do with RGB full range /partial range

If put to Full Range the picture quality looks much sharper with more colours
HDMI/Component wont make any difference

Dont know about Gametrailers vid since i myself is seeing a diiference on Full Range RGB

Here is assassin's creed comparisons

GT is on a damage control

@power of green

did you even read what GT said -- they were actually using a ps3 DEV kit to record HDMI streams since you cannot do that on your normal PS3
I own both ps3 and xbox 360 as well.
power do look at this rather than trolling :-

theres huge difference between Full Range and Partial Range

I tested the settings myself on my 60" samsung LCD.

see this too :-

FungLip4662d ago

GT said they couldn't record tho HDMI therefore component is used. And of course then they couldn't get Full RGB tho component.

power of Green 4662d ago

Its doesn't?, they're showing the difference between what they have done in the past and what you Sony fanboys wanted them to do. Which I can't see any changes.

vasilisk4662d ago

Nobody asked for a comparison between 2 different cables mate... People just asked to turn RGB to full instead of limited, that's where the big difference is and believe me that's not a very difficult thing to do. GT clearly doesn't want to do this and clearly thinks that the majority of people visiting their site are pretty dumb also...
Also I believe you can see the irony of you calling someone else a fanboy

SWORDF1SH4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

im not a big fan of power of green but i do agree with him that gt are doing this to try and prove a point. although there is improvement in sharpness. i dont see washed out colors in the component feed like people were moanin about. btw uncharted is a class game. get it

@zambrota. jus checked out the assassins creed comparison and there is defo a differance.

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WordLyfff4662d ago ShowReplies(1)
destroyah4662d ago

360 will NEVER be able to do that.

craymoogy4662d ago

have you seen Gears?

uncharted >>>>>> Gears

myxomatosis4662d ago

Uncharted looks really good, no doubt, but its engine isnt as good as the unreal engine. as far as gears of war goes, both consoles are capable of producing better graphics, as seen by unreal 3, not a great game but the graphics, though the same engine, are a abit better than gears.

i own a ps3 and not a 360 but to say that uncharted looks better than anything on the xbox 360 is stupid.

zambrota4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

what are u smoking seriously?

I have both Gears and Unreal Tournament 3.

I can say that Uncharted looks much better than anything we have seen so far on consoles.

Yes i agree the mighty Crysis looks better than Uncharted but excepting that nothing on ps3 or xbox 360 can even challenge Uncharted.

Area 51 uses Unreal engine 3,huxley ,dark sector all uses Unreal 3.

Do you even them getting close to Uncharted.

Do you see Gears on xbox 360/Unreal tournament 3 on ps3 getting even close to Uncharted?


i own both ps3 and xbox 360. I own utIII on ps3, gears on xbox 360 and Uncharted on ps3.


marionz4662d ago

yeah im sorry unchartd has good graphics but to say 360 cant do that is blind and stupid, gears of war beats that game hands down, as does bioshock, and im sorry but the gameplay in uncharted gets boreing verry quickly, yes ive played it, its not the godsend 360 killer that sony fans make it out to be, but when your console is getting cained by the opposition i guess its ok to clutch at straws

The_Engineer4662d ago

just hurtful to your fanboy feelings, the 360 has a gimped architecture that will NEVER allow a dev to make full use of all 6 threads.

TheExecutive4662d ago

Ok... I will not comment on whether the 360 can or cant do anything like Uncharted. I cannot read the future, I have a guess but who really cares what my predictions are?

Anyway to say that Gears looks better than Uncharted is rediculous. UT3 looks just like gears and I can say without a doubt that Uncharted does have the best graphics on any console to date. To deny it is either pure ignorance or fanboyism... er... is there a difference?

ReBurn4662d ago

Uncharted does have great graphics. And it is a great game, too. I don't think that Gears of War really compares, but I do think that BioWare is giving it a run for it's money with Mass Effect. Mass Effect's environments aren't as lush, but it isn't set in a tropical jungle, either.

I do think that as of right now Uncharted definitely has the edge graphically, but I think that the best is still yet to come for both consoles.

NewZealander4661d ago

im sorry but to those who think uncharted is better looking then gears of war...stop dreaming! uncharted is a good looking game, the animation looks bad though and yes uncharted is just dude raider, been there doen that

how can uncharteds plastic doll faces compare to gears? and yes even bioshock shows uncharted up with its water lighting and particle effects, its the ps3 thats gimped, with its strict ram limitations it would strugle to pull off the textures and effects in bioshock without being dumbed down or screwing up the frame rate

but yes uncharted is good ill give it that much, i got bored quickly with it though, its just climb shoot climb shoot, but why say its better then gears? cos its clearly not, i suggest some of you get new glasses

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Doctor Strange4662d ago

So they lied when they said they couldn't capture over HDMI and instead of redoing a multiplat game comparison go with an exclusive game.

You can't trust them now unless in the future they compare both games over HDMI on both systems at their best.

GT is on damage control indeed and this isn't helping.