New Castlevania on the Way?

Roly Reyes of writes:

Screenshots above were posted yesterday on the GameFAQs forum, pointing to the possibility of a new Castlevania game hitting the DS.

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vilmer4668d ago

Enough with the DS Iga... It's time to move on! Bring us some new-gen 2d goodness!!

hardmetal4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Iga needs each possible penny to make a great 3D Castlevania on the console systems ( especially on X360 & PS3 ).So, Iga has no choice but to keep making those 2D Castlevania on any handheld that could make a big profit to his team. The DS proves to iga that it's the right handheld to make that happen and I totally agree with Iga decision eventhough I still dislike the anime look of Castlevania's characters (Miss. kojima, anyone??). However, I still think that Iga should consider a new 2D Castlevania game for the console systems although a GREAT 3D Castlevania would still be my first preferred choice if you asked me.