Interview: Getting to Know Suda 51

Kombo Writes: " affiliate recently had the chance to sit down and chat with the creator of Killer 7 and No More Heroes, Goichi Suda. Below, you'll find N-Europe Features Editor Mark Cullinane's account of his conversation with "Suda 51."

The location was Nintendo's Wii flat in central London. The man was Goichi Suda, famed Japanese video game producer. And this interviewer was anxiously awaiting the chance to meet the man responsible for some of gaming's most startling productions.

Yes, Suda 51, as he is better known (the moniker comes from his first and surname respectively meaning '5' and '1') is certainly a rising star, particularly in the eyes of Nintendo gamers, whose consoles have been graced with his most recent work, in the shape of Killer7 for the GameCube and Contact on DS."

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wiizy4668d ago

hope no more heroes sell alot of copies for suda