Lollipop Chainsaw's four-hour runtime is not a problem, guys

Digitally Downloaded writes: "So, it’s been revealed that Lollipop Chainsaw is “only” four hours long. And, predictably there’s been Twitter chatter about how much of a “ripoff” it is for a 4-hour long game to cost $60."

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Elderly_Cynic2373d ago

Looks like a garbage game to me... but hey, at least it's short!

gatormatt802372d ago

These type of games are what makes gamefly nice to have.

kma2k2372d ago

gatormatt couldnt agree more!

killerhog2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

there's definitely a problem with a game that cost $60 and being four hours long. story isnt really that deep, re-playability is purely for higher scores, since the unlocks are pointless (unless youre into polygon girls wearing skimpy outfits). It also does nothing better or new compared to what is already out there in the genre by other games. I can by a game like Burn Zombie Burn or L4D and get a bigger bang for my buck at a cheaper price. Suda51 just use the 'sex appeal' to sell a game they knew is lacking compared to others. hopefully it bombs sales wise and other devs dont try to pull this crap DLC as full retail for $60.

vallencer2372d ago

I hope it doesn't bomb sales wise. Aside from this game Suda51 has some of the best most different games out there and I'd really like to keep seeing his games. I also don't know how much Suda had to do with the character choice. James Gunn wrote the story and chose the character so you might want to blame him instead. He made the movie slither if you didn't know.

Kurt Russell2372d ago

It looks like garbage but with a half decent combat system it'll at least live up to everyones low expectations. I for one am looking forward to it, nice to have a game that doesn't take itself so seriously.

SilentNegotiator2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

People will of course defend it, though, since they're already fapping to screenshots. If 13-year-old boys can fap to it, at least 40% of N4G will automatically defend it.

BAW-baw-BAWT you hazn't played it, yet!!! if I need to play it to realize how boring this is.
I didn't start playing games yesterday. I know mundane gameplay mechanics when I see them.

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DarkSymbiote2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Four hours is fine considering this game sucks. I know Suda51 faboys/girls will rag on me but that's the harsh truth. U$D 60 is not fine however. If anything, this should be maxed at U$D 15.

Blacklash932373d ago

Sorry, but you're in no position to claim "truth" when you haven't even played the game.

fastNslowww2373d ago

It's called Common sense. A four hour game about a blonde cheerleader chainsawing zombies, for the sake of her body-less boyfriend. Yeah...sure to be GOTY.

MattS2373d ago

@fastNslowww - look up "grindhouse cinema." Suda is into making games that are deliberately B-grade. In his case it's because, like Tarantio and Rodriguez, it amuses him.

killerhog2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

I played many games like this on my idevices. one which comes very close to this is Daisy Mae's Alien Buffet. Its pretty much the same premise, hot chick, in skimpy outfits you can unlock, killing aliens. Its like 2-4 hours long and after a while you are pretty much just replaying levels for higher scores. The only difference is Diasy Mae's Alien Buffet is like 2 bucks, Lollipop chainsaw is $60? if i was a kid maybe i would be all into it but at my age i got bored of it after like 30 or less mins, as getting higher scores and unlocking skimpy outfits isnt much of an incentive for me.

Suda51 just makes crappy games in general and sell them through sex. really the best they can include in their other game was a mode to see the polygon female characters naked?

Matt you really think lollipop chainsaw is artistic? Dude in movies it might work, but in video games it does not, especially if you're using it to substitute for what it is missing/lacking of whether its gameplay, story, replayability, orginality, innovation etc..

By the way. They use "sex" in grindhouse movies because grindhouse movies usually suck arse.

MattS2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

@killerhog: once again, look up "Grindhouse Cinema." Sexploitation is a part of the genre.

Gamers all like to claim that games are art and everything, but the moment something isn't completely obvious - the minute a game is a homage to an old style of cinema, the moment a game breaks with convention, the moment a game brings themes from outside the game - the moment a game does anything artistic, then people criticise it.

You want games to be art? Well, if someone makes a game that is a homage to Grindhouse Cinema, then at least learn something about Grindhouse before you criticise it for being Grindhouse.

Edit: and "by the way" anyone who takes a Grindhouse film (or game) seriously is so completely missing the point. Grab a beer and relax. They're braindead fun. And that's not a bad thing :)

Rainstorm812373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )


Just because it pays homage to grindhouse movies doesn't mean it will be a good game, a game can be artistic , unique , and offer tons of replay value and have more than 4 hours of gameplay.

This game is trying to emulate B list grindhouse movies, and it will be considered a b-list game.

A game can offer all the things u mentioned and be longer than 4 hours, i think thats a lame excuse and with this game being 60$, it deserves criticisms

MattS2373d ago

@Raiinstorm - I don't see why the length has anything to do with anything. If it offers what it set out to offer (a couple of hours of throwaway fun... just like Grindhouse cinema), then $60 isn't so bad.

I don't mind paying $15/ hour if I'm being entertained.

Louis_Guzman2373d ago

Did that joker just put "arse" at the end of that wall of driveling text? Lol!

DarkSymbiote2372d ago

I haven't played WET either but that sucks. Haven't you seen the concept for this game? It's obvious.

admiralvic2372d ago

Sigh~ I love how people want to quibble over pointless things. Too many people act like anothers opinions form the general conscious of everyone else.

For starters most retailers dropped Lollipop Chainsaw to 4X dollars.

Amazon ( - 45
TRU ( put in cart) - 45

Next, paying homage is fine, but stop thinking it's an excuse for being bad. Additionally it's quite sad to hear all this effort went into everything, but what I saw of the ACTUAL game. Press got a fancy edition, I remember reading several times about the models FOR the game, but I VERY rarely remember reading anything that ACTUALLY matters for the game.

Finally @ MattS

Art is a controversial subject. Many great artist were hated in their day and many fantastic pieces were seen as bad over something like subject matter. With this being said, people need to stop writing off problems with excuses. From what I've seen, the homage feels rather weak as those movies were usually quite gritty / missing pieces. I suppose that could explain the play time (haha), but seriously taking a few concepts doesn't mask problems with somethings core.

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Soldierone2373d ago

It wouldn't be a problem if the game wasn't 60 dollars. I've said it before, i will always say it, collecting crap doesn't extend the life of a dang game......its just a boring chore that gets in the way of a trophy half the time.

Hufandpuf2373d ago

Seems like they are setting up the feeding tube for DLC. Prepare to be ripped-off.

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