Why Kingdom Hearts III should have Multiplayer

Chris, of KHPlanet writes: This article is in response to Luke Frazier of the Gamer Association. He states in his article, “Five Reasons to Keep Multiplayer Out of Kingdom Hearts III”, that Kingdom Hearts III should not have multiplayer because it would take away time from the development of the third game and that people would not want to play this mode for several other reasons. Kingdom Hearts is also my favorite franchise and like Luke Frazier, I grew up with it during my middle school years. I do think, despite our likenesses, that he is wrong.

Luke Frazier's "Five Reasons to Keep Multiplayer Out of Kingdom Hearts" http://www.gamers-associati...

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LiamIRL822373d ago

The combat of KH is very manic and can be a bit hit or miss. Can't see it being enjoyable in an online environment

chrispen92373d ago

The combat worked for Birth By Sleep's multiplayer in a 1v1 environment.

ReservoirDog3162373d ago

BSS's combat system was nearly perfect too.

showtimefolks2373d ago

no not at all i rather have 30-40hrs of great single player content than useless MP that only handful of people will play and even they are playing for trophies.

I will make it simple and easy to understand

not every game should have MP if you can produce a great single player which is 12-15hrs long game will sell

user54670072373d ago

Lol...this game should never have an online mode

With the amount of time we've been waiting for this I expect at least a really long, well developed single player.

WeskerChildReborned2373d ago

Yea, definitely not a MP type of game.

Treian2373d ago

how about an arena like in BBS! that's all!

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The story is too old to be commented.