[KKEnt] Retro Review of Xenogears PsX

Kuma wrote: I take you back to 1998 where it was a time before Trophies and downloadable content. This was also the time where I brought a lot of import titles from comic book shops and I happen to look at a video of an Role Playing Game that really fancy my interest. I will be honest that I am not a true fan of this particular genre, but seeing martial arts moves and fighting robots with full animation cut-scenes truly sold me. The greatest part many years later is the fact that Sony added this particular gem to the Sony Entertainment Network store, so I bring you to my review of Zenogiasu(Japan Name) or Xenogears for us North Americans.

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LiViNgLeGaCY2345d ago

Masterpiece of a game. The story, the music....all of it was just, wow.

godofboobees2345d ago

My favorite game of all time.

CLOUD19832345d ago

Xenogears is one of my all time favorite game along with FFVII & Suikoden II & imo it's one of the best JRPG ever, btw I didn't see any score on this review but if this guy truly put 4/5 on Xenogears then it's a shame Xenogears deserve nothing less but 10/10 a PERFECT score, Xenogears is for me story-wise & soundtrack-wise a benchmark which I compare every other JRPG out there, the quality of this game is so high that most games fail miserable in comparison with it.

SavageKuma2345d ago

I don't use scores, I just said buy it! I gave it a four because I still have a problem with the dialogue but all and all still the best rpg out there and needs an HD remake. I honestly would like an action rpg style of it.

belac092345d ago

one of the giants in rpg story telling!!!