Nintendo to cut summer bonuses by 20 percent

(Reuters) - Nintendo Co will cut its employees' summer bonuses by about 20 percent this year as a result of weak business performance, Japanese business daily Nikkei reported.

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GraveLord2371d ago

Uh Oh. Are they lowering their Wii U sales forecast due to weak reception at E3?

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Neko_Mega2371d ago

Sometimes I wonder if Nintendo might end up like Sega, I hope if Nintendo ever did quit making systems. Their characters would be on other systems or one system.

Would miss Mario and Zelda games if Nintendo was fully gone.

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N4g_null2371d ago

Sega's problem was they chased the high end in the arcades and in home consoles.... no gamers followed.

Their saving grace was as an antinintendo which is what SONY is becoming... yet they need to become more like nintendo to succeed unfortunatly for the sony fans, meaning they need to sell way more systems and games... yet they don't have the new media format to ride on...yeeeeet!

BrianC62342371d ago

Summer bonus? What in the world is that? I've never heard of a company giving summer bonuses. Is that some Japanese idea? US companies hardly give any bonuses anymore.

Software_Lover2371d ago

People who do not make any money, do not get bonuses in the U.S. But if you already get millions a year salary, then you are guaranteed to get a bonus.......... in the tens of millions.

BrianC62342371d ago

I've never heard summer bonus before. In the US they used to have Christmas bonuses or maybe a yearly bonus. I wonder if they get a spring bonus too?

Reborn2371d ago

It's not just US, believe me.

I just hate when a company starts sacking it's employees, is in a loss, and is still issuing ridiculous £900k performance packages. It's insane.

TheRealist2371d ago

as long as kids exist, nintendo will be there... Nintendo is king of the handheld world cuz its cheap, durable, & has plenty of cartoony games(i know revelations & MGS3 isnt cartoony but look at how little it sold out of the 17+ million units).. Wii found alot of success due to the motion gaming casual craze.. Gamecube & N64 not so much.. We will see what wii u can do soon..

chanmasta2371d ago

Plenty of adults play Nintendo games and have a lot of fun with them. Quit trolling.

StrawberryDiesel4202371d ago

Wow, from the success of the Wii to this. Also, didn't they make a boat load of money off the Wii? Why would they do this? Did these same people get bonuses when they did so well a few years back? Seems a little fucked up if you ask me.

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