Skyrim Dawnguard DLC beta releasing soon

It has also been revealed that the Dawnguard beta for the Xbox 360 will be releasing very soon, possibly today or tomorrow.

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dazzrazz2318d ago

Did they even started sending beta codes ?

Intentions2318d ago

You sign up for it by doing a survey.

dazzrazz2318d ago

Thats not what I'm asking duh ...

Neko_Mega2318d ago

Hopefully they are smart and do a beta on PS3 and PC to, because they are good at screwing things up when they don't test things out on the others.

AgreeFairy2318d ago

Beta? The Beta is when you buy the DLC and find out it's just as glitchy as the game itself.

Treian2318d ago

have fun with your glitch fest xbox owners. :)

HSx92318d ago

Oh we will have fun.

WetN00dle692318d ago

DAMN!!! I love AJ and her small shorts!
She looks YUMMY!

Treian2318d ago

what does that have to do with my post? Oo

Moby-Royale2317d ago

The best in the world?


Human Analog2318d ago

It was as topical as yours. Why even open your mouth when you have nothing to offer. If you knew as much as you think you do, you would have at least said "have fun with your glitch fest PS3 owners. :)" But even that, even though more accurate, is still a stupid comment, and a waste of space.

Treian2317d ago

No, it is not. Skyrim was a bug filled game. It was released unfinished. The game still is BUG FILLED.

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