(WGB) Tritton Ghost Recon: Future Soldier 7.1 Surround Sound Headset - Review

Baden of WolfsGamingBlog writes: "Two weeks back a large box arrived on my doorstep from MadCatz. Within this large cardboard prison was the new MadCatz officially licensed Ghost Recon gear they had sent in for review: a pretty looking controller and, more importantly, a 7.1 surround sound headset from Tritton that promised a fantastic audio experience for Ghost Recon: Future Solder and for every other game as well. Needless to say, I was excited to test this beast and compare it to my own favorite headset that sits proudly on my shelf: the Turtle Beach PX5. So have Tritton delivered a great headset? Uh, yeah!"

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RXL2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

sweet interested in purchasing a head set.

edit: why a disagree? yourself coward!

TENTONGUN2321d ago

i bought it, sounds great. only downside is you cant adjust the eq, but, i dont think you have to cause it sounds fine. its also loud enough but not too loud that it will damage your eardrums. i havent heard many others, but this one holds up. id say its a good buy for $200

WolfLeBlack2321d ago

Agreed, for the money you can't go wrong with 'em.

Still, for me the lack of eq options or ability to adjust the audio performance in anyway was a major flaw.I like to be able to tweak my bass, treble, etc :)

glennco2321d ago

personally i prefer the 5.1 trittons. none of this virtual 7.1 crap from 2 speakers... i want 4 speakers in each ear. i have a pair of ax360s that are needn an upgrade

WolfLeBlack2321d ago

First, thanks for the kind words on the review. Always appreciated ;)

A really good headset is, to me, one of the best purchases you can make if you love games. They might seem pricey, but considering how much you'll use 'em they'll quickly prove their worth.

And the first time you play a game with them on, it's just a "wow" moment :D