Battlefield 3 Premium Refunds Promised After Price Gouging Admitted

A representative of EA Game'sBattlefield 3 has told Aussie-Gamer that Australian PlayStation 3 owners who purchased the new "Premium" service before the embarrassing price drop will have the difference refunded.

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Kleptic2414d ago

haha...the launch of BF3 premium was nothing but a disaster...Glad all the mistakes are getting fixed, but still...that was ridiculous.

Emilio_Estevez2414d ago

Wait, are they making it cheaper for people who already have B2k? Cuz I'm not paying for something I already own.


Don't think so. Premium already has b2k and if u already have it tough. U get 2 weeks early access though. I also have b2k. I'm gonna get the expansions as they release even though it'd prolly b cheaper to buy at once. But $50 is too much to shell out at one time for me.

Soldierone2414d ago

Tough for us? or tough for them? Because I won't be buying it either, but if they acknowledge we already have B2K then maybe.

jadenkorri2414d ago

yeah i bought b2k, im not shelling out 49.99 for prem unless they minus the cost of b2k for users who already purchased

Solid_Snake372414d ago

Why are you guys even buying this crap?? This is clearly EA being EA, ripping people off is what they love doing. I already bought BF3 Limited Edition, we should get this for free!

LocutusEstBorg2414d ago

I preordered BF3 with B2K for $19. Premium costs $26. WTF.

da_2pacalypse2414d ago

lol I used to love BF. But BF3 is the lowest quality I've seen in a battlefield game :( I won't be buying the premium service.

ReadyBodyReggie2413d ago

It's not just bad that people actually buy these "console ports". But to also waste money on a premium service for a game that will have a sequel in a year...priceless!

SJPFTW2413d ago

Emilio are you retarded? 5 expansions, $15 each total $75 if you buy em separately. Even if you already have B2K that would still be $60 for 4 if you buy it separately which is way higher than the $50 cost for premium. So you save between $25 - $10. Pretty good deal if your planning to get all expansions anyway. And your not getting just expansions either

trenso12413d ago

Didnt I see you complain about this earlier? You got b2k for free and you want even more of a discount for something you didn't even pay for?

HSx92413d ago

Same here, not buying until I get the deduction for B2K.

SeanScythe2413d ago

ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME, get over it my god talk about whinny little kids.

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JKelloggs2414d ago

When has a launch of something been successful in this day and age? Lol

SolidStoner2413d ago

agree.. never heard of successful launch this gen...

cjflora2413d ago

The spoiled little brat mentality of everyone is most likely the cause of this. When everyone feels entitled nothing makes them happy.

Robotronfiend2413d ago

So true. And now we're getting beta tests for single player DLC. What happened to internal QA?

ChronoJoe2413d ago

They probably already have removed at least most of the cost of B2K just so you know. I'm pretty sure this premium membership comes below the the cost of the next 4 DLC packs even without totaling in B2K.

So that would make sense.

T3MPL3TON 2413d ago

'ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME, get over it my god talk about whinny little kids.'

Sorry nobody likes taking the shaft from EA as you do apparently. WE should feel bad not YOU for being a mindless drone.

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What a disgrace. EA should be ashamed of themselves. Xbox gold??!! Everyone should just play it on PC. It's way better on PC anyway.

JackBNimble2414d ago

I have had nothing but problems trying to play online with BF3 on my pc, that is if I can ever connect and get into a game. I gave up trying to play months a go.

nanometric2414d ago

Dunno, but yesterday I played for the whole evening and had 0 problems.... ok, minuss the ECM jammer on my jet, I just can't get it to activate when I want it or I just don't know how to use it properly.

JackBNimble2414d ago

Well the problem I've been having isn't anything new if you read the forums. EA isn't interested in fixing their game, they leave that up to us to come up with our home made solutions. I think it has everything to do with origin servers.... but what do I know?

FlareDReborn2414d ago

I'd like a refund here in the states as well. Thos assholes are giving DOUBLE XP to everyone this weekend. In other words "EXCLUSIVE DOUBLE XP WEEKENDS FOR PREMIUM users" doesn't mean shit and was all a lie to get more sales...

FAGOL2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Erm wouldn't premium users get quad xp? That's if it stacks. I see no reason why it shouldn't. It happens on CoD. Just saying.

SillyBastid2414d ago

there are later planned double xp weekends for premium only members

WildArmed2414d ago

Wait, yer just mad that everyone got a Double Exp event?

lol of all the things to get a refund for...

Regardless, they are doing Premium exclusive double exp events later.

jadenkorri2414d ago

in cod and dbl xp weekends, if u use a token to get dbl xp, it don't stack, ur just wasting a token

KwietStorm2413d ago

Another pointless complaint. Yes, as you said, this weekend it's for everyone. The premium XP event is at a later date. What did you think non premium players would never get double XP ever again?

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Apocwhen2414d ago

lol, these Elite/Premium subscriptions are horrible stuff.
It's true, nobody is forcing you to buy these things...

But for anyone who owns an Xbox and wants to play both COD and BF3, then you will have to pay over $250/yr lol.
Xbox live subscription + games + subscriptions. It's crazy.

It's why I choose not to buy these things to begin with.

nukeitall2414d ago

... or you can, you know not buy the extras and enjoy the game as it was released (with patches of course).

Personally, I don't mind extra content for my favorite game. I'm unlikely to sign up for both CoD and BF3, simply because I don't have the time nor any interest in specifically BF3 and to a lesser degree CoD.

I bought Gears of War 3 and a season pass, and was quite happy. Wish Epic released more maps.

wAnxTa2414d ago

What "embarrassing price drop"?

nukeitall2414d ago

The odd question is, why is the PS3 version more expensive than the Xbox 360 in the first place? Also, why is it listed on the Australian website as costing AU$ 49,- while actually costing more?

Lots of weird things going on.

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