New Super Mario Bros. U Impressions

Link's Hideaway writes:

"New Super Mario Bros. U was one of the main games that Nintendo showed off at E3 2012. They had several different demo modes that showed off two new game play features: Tiny Balloon Yoshi and Flying Squirrel Mario. The first, which can be viewed in the video below, allows the play to shake the Wii remote to cause Yoshi to inflate lifting the player into the air instead of potentially falling to a sudden death."

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Y_51502320d ago

It sucks...
Joking I love every one of those "NEW" games so far! :)
I'm looking forward to this!

NYC_Gamer2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

What's new about Mario Bros Wii-U?it plays the same as the Wii/3DS version...


Nintendo didn't even try to create a true Mario Bros Wii-U experience just rushed out the same game many have played on Wii/3DS

Devinchi332320d ago

Tons of sequels play like their predecessors. Why is this one any different?

Y_51502320d ago

It has a new flying squirrel suit, Baby Yoshi is back (with regular Yoshi) and the baby yoshis has abilities like blowing bubbles! What else I noticed from the trailer is a little graphic upgrade, like the textures on the pipes in on of the levels and the lighting in another level with the star shaped lights. Yeah other than that for the most part it is the same fun gameplay!

TooTall192320d ago

It makes me sick that this will sell 10 times better than Rayman Origins.

TheRealist2320d ago

& sell more than rayman legends too.. smh

TooTall192320d ago

Yeah Legends looks like it will be great as well.