You might be dangerously obsessed with Halo 3 if...

Charlie Barratt of GamesRadar US writes:

Drugs. Gambling. Pornography. Halo. Addiction can take many forms.

How do you spot the warning signs? Medical experts that we read about somewhere on the internet tell us harmful overdependence could affect over 23 million people in this country alone, with fewer than 10 percent going untreated. And while the junkies and perverts can always go to Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew for help, those with an unnatural compulsion for Master Chief have nowhere to turn.

Until now. With GamesRadar's near-12-step program, diagnosing yourself or a loved one has never been easier. Begin the healing process today and, if you suspect someone you know may be obsessed with Halo 3, send us the proof at [email protected]

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General Pinky4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

i dont need to read the article cos i got the picture way berfore this
soooo...gameradar i know..dont you to tell me

mintaro4664d ago

how is this gaming news?

C_SoL4664d ago

its an article if u can read....not everything on this site is news...u can post anything that is new that has to do with gaming...

TwissT4663d ago

you have to re-read the N4g guidelines mintaro =D

Iron Man 24664d ago

Wow,this article is even lamer than Halo 3 in general,oh wait nevermind,Halo 3 is still lamer:P

i Shank u4664d ago

i like my damn bunny hopping thank you!

Whoooop4664d ago

you're one of this bots...


Dukester1014664d ago

I think that's a little rude there Whoooop. I would watch your communications in future posts... they may end up getting you banned from the site.

socsca4663d ago

That was funny as hell man! Bubbles bubbles!

Tho... I think you are dangerously obsessed with something else...

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The story is too old to be commented.