Phil Harrison: Microsoft isn't marginalising gamers

Microsoft executive Phil Harrison insists his new employer isn't leaving gamers behind in its bid to transform the Xbox 360 from a games console into a multimedia device, telling us he believes "gamers are going to be pretty well catered for" during the next 12 months.

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JoGam2416d ago

Of course Phil will say that. Why would he say anything to risk losing his job even if he really felt that way. SMH!

Grap2416d ago

well they gave us 3 new IP.

GamingPerson2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

AAA Hardcore IP? or xbla games?

DARK WITNESS2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

They gave us 3 trailers for new IP's.

Only God knows how many will see the light of day, what happened to that exclusive Cryteck were working on? that was what 2 E3's back.. not a peep

Only one of them gave us anything to be hopeful of.

Sony and R* showed us Agent how many moons back and we an't seen nothing of that.

They were trailers that mean jack s^&^*t !!

As for what Phil says, well I am sure if you ask anyone from MS they will say that anyway, it's their job.

ME, I, as a gamer and former supporter of MS and the xbox, I feel marginalised big time.

Basically I have been spoon fed the same handful of franchises year after year now.. Halo, Gears, forza, fable, if it was not for multiplats I would be shitting Halo and forza when I take a dump!

They need to step it up and actually release new ip's and invest in more exclusive studios. The more they try and cover their arse the more insulted I feel when I read such statements.

Still, just my thoughts on the matter. Most seem to be ok the all the 4 exclusives year after year and exclusive dlc which an't really exclusive because it's out 6 months later on the ps3 anyway..

fix up MS !

EVILDEAD3602415d ago

All of the biggest core franchises for the 360 have game games coming.

Halo is the #1 franchise and Halo 4 look amazing and it the biggest exclusive by far coming in November.

But the fact is they have Forza Horizon and Fable: The Journey all ariving this year.

Dance Central is one their top Kinect franchises and comes this year as well.

Ahead in 2012 they have Gears of War: Judgement with the Bungie exclusive looming in the dark.

XBLA has a bunch of new IPs coming with Dead Light looking amazing IMO.

This goes without saying that Black Ops 2, Elder Scrolls DLC, Splinter Cell, Assasin's Creed 3, Tomb Raider, and the gargantuan GTA V are all coming as well for the core on the multi-side.

There just isn't going to be this uproar of core 360 gamers whining that the core was left behind, because year in and year out they lead the charge in support of the franchises.

I love this year already with Alan Wake, Witcher 2, Minecraft, and Ghost's just too much too play when you add in the regular games that we play on Live as well from COD: MW3 to Gears.

Great year for all consoles but 360 gamers are fine.


SignifiedSix2415d ago

@DARK WITNESS: "Only God knows how many will see the light of day, what happened to that exclusive Cryteck were working on? that was what 2 E3's back.. not a peep"

It was announced that it was being developed for the next xbox. Do some research! And that was also last E3 when they showed it. And i'm pretty sure they'll all see the light of day unlike some other exclusives on the PS3.



Thanks for that bit of info, but it's not exactly an official announcement is it? My point still stands. Officially we have not heard a peep about the game.

And I would not say it's any better then the situation with the ps3 exclusives.

what stops the same thing happening to the 3 ip's announced this E3?

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crxss2416d ago

well it's true Microsoft isn't marginalizing gamers... at least for the next till the end of the year. the only game i'm getting on that list is Halo 4. i'm guessing in 2013 they announce the NextBox (720) 'cause i can't see many 2013/2014 games i'd get on 360. most multi-platform games coming out i'll get on my PS3 (RE6, DMC, Watch_Dogs, MGR, etc)

2415d ago
NYC_Gamer2416d ago

I wasn't expecting MS to show much since 360 is on the final lap

nukeitall2416d ago

I'm actually genuinely surprised we are getting another Gears of War on the final lap. There are also a lot of games previously announced, that is finally bearing fruit soon like Crimson Dragon and Steel Battalion.

There are always a few vocal people, but based on Xbox Live Top Played games, shooters is what people want. Even mediocre games like Ghost Recon, tops the charts. Heck, the most popular game on Playstation is a shooter!

Biggest2416d ago

By that standard, they have been final lapping since Kinect popped up.

KontryBoy7062415d ago

They've been on their final lap for about 2 years now

TheColbertinator2416d ago

lol Harrison speaking for Microsoft.This is funny.

PixL2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Another liar for money.

Dread2416d ago

but when he was with Sony it was all truth?

the double standards of the n4g mind is something amazing.

Zechs342416d ago

He didn't even mention that at all...

Ares902416d ago

Sony isn't marginalising gamers

CernaML2416d ago

Name ONE situation where PixL thought it was okay when Phil Harrison was speaking for Sony.

Otherwise keep your conspiracy BS to yourself you clown.

Reborn2416d ago

I love how you pointed that out, when his little comment made no indication that he loved it when he was saying things for Sony.

It's clear why you have 1 bubble.

PixL2415d ago

Where did you get that from?

The truth is I'm considering selling X360 because I don't see any reason other than Halo 4 to keep it. One game in foreseeable future is not enough to justify it collecting dust on my desk. 3 exclusive titles to choose from is not a gaming catalogue. It's a poor choice offered me by a big company with lots of money.

That makes him a liar. I don't care who he works for or worked for.

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SephirothX212416d ago

People on this site have 1 bubble (like me) if they are not Sony fanboys. I am objective. PS3 is my favourite console but I also like the 360. I think this site is diseased with Sony fanboys and fanboys of any sort are only sheep who worship multi-billion corporations that just want their money. I like Sony but if they do something I don't like, I will say it. MS have made some amazing technology and I prefer them to Apple but likewise, I will criticize them when they do something I don't like.

Nutsack2415d ago

Agreed with Seph. If you are no Sony fanboy one sees his bubbles killed.

Patriots_Pride2415d ago

Have to agree with you guys. If you dont support Sony PS3 on N4G you loose bubbles fast.

The bubble system on N4G is flawed becuase you dont have to be trolling to loose bubbles - I can be in a 360 article saying something like "Halo is the best" and you get a million disagrees and your bubbles raped.

2415d ago
madjedi2415d ago

Right care to tell evil dead, darthv2 and gamingdroid and others that, they apparently missed the memo on all non sony fanboys must be de bubbled to 1.

If you frequently make posts like this one bashing sony fanboys or gamers, yeah you will get 1 bubble. Hell back 4-5 yrs ago it was overflowing with 360 owners doing the exact same thing.

Sorry but many 1 bubble people deserved to lose their bubble due to repeated/trolling attacking the other side.

I count 4 360 trollers in this article alone, not all of you 1 bubbles are innocent victims.

Awesome_Gamer2415d ago

I'm a sony fan (not fanboy) and i only have 2 bubbles, so what's you point?

devilhunterx2415d ago

I have been accused of being a sony fanboy and I got only bubble. So yea, there goes your theory out the window.

Septic2415d ago


Anyone denying that is delusional on here. Yes, there are a few exceptions to the rule because the mods on this site do appear to try and keep some balance here (not an easy task when the comment section is riddled with 90% SDF fanboys).

Look at my comment about MS and the introduction of Achievements as proof. Either there are a lot of immature kids on here with multiple accounts, mass trolling the comment section or this place has a strange tendency to attract rabid Sony keyboard warriors.

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TheRealist2416d ago

DUH, making halo & gears is all they want anyway

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