Dead Space 3: it's not what we wanted, but we still want it lets you know why Dead Space 3 might surprise you. EA is changing the game up quite a bit, but is it for the best?

Read why Dead Space 3 might be the most fun game in the series, but probably not the best.

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versusALL2318d ago

Damn, I still haven't beaten Dead Space 1 yet.


that sir should be in a wall
Dead space

You Don't Finish after two installments , Your a PUSSY

NovusTerminus2318d ago

Never got to play the first one. But I beat the second one of Hard Core... God that was brutal!

Darth Gamer2318d ago

Even though they are changing up the formula, as of yet, they haven't destroyed the franchise. I will still be buying this game. I won't be playing it co-op but hopefully will still enjoy the single player campaign. RE6 on the other hand is a different story. Quite literally actually. God that franchise has taken a turn for the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GillHarrison2318d ago

It's what I wanted. Dead Space was always an action horror game and being able to play it with a friend should be pretty badass.

chukamachine2318d ago

It's what i wanted.

Bring it.

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