Silence is golden (or black with spiderman font)

Appears that the PS3 is going to be pretty quiet and the power supply is internal. Good news, but that brings up the heat issue.

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Aflac5846d ago

I think they're gonna have far worse overheating issues than the whole 3% of 360s that had problems...

HaHa5846d ago

can understand nothing

kmis875845d ago

A lot more than 3% had problems according to reports.

DJ5845d ago (Edited 5845d ago )

It's just as quiet as the slimline PS2 (29 Db). That's like the quietness of a library. Apparently the amount of heat is pretty much nonexistent as well, which is so crazy that even I'm having trouble believing it. But all the sites keep saying it, so I'll just have to take their word.

This is the complete opposite of the 360, which is hot and noisy. Even with my friend's speakers pumped up all the way, we could still hear that sucker churning away.

In response to Sir Nathaniel's comment, here's an interesting article on Microsoft admitting to a higher-than-average failure rate for its 360s:

BIadestarX5845d ago

Seriously if I knew you in person I would just hate you the first day I met you. "This is the complete opposite of the 360, which is hot and noisy. Even with my friend's speakers pumped up all the way, we could still hear that sucker churning away." I person like you wouldn't have a friend that owns a 360, they would endup shooting your and not even allowing you to enter their homes. You can be anoying online I can only imagine in person. You would say anything that comes out of your a** (mouth). They should come up with a voting system where people like you are blocked from posting on XBox 360 article/news. We all know what you are going to say. I don't hear my 360 at all. I tell you sometimes it makes me think twice before opening an article on this site cause I know I will be reading some stupid PS3 fanboy comments. What even happen with the rules? Isn't DJ an extreme fanboy? Shouldn't he be kicked out?

THAMMER15845d ago

Some will over heat and some wont. I have a friend with the slim PS2 that gets hot after about 45 min. But it is silent. I also had a friend with a 360 that get very very very hot. I'm glad I got a good unit. But lets not wish so much negativity on the PS3. There is just to much of that right now. I think there will be some deffective units but I do not want to try and predict how many. We are all gamers just think about how much that sucks. And really it is not a funny thing. Some people cant aford to replace a faulty unit.

bilal5845d ago

of most new electronics (atleast consoles). 360 had issues at launch so would the ps3. i dont want to be negative, but i think ps3 could have higher defective rates considering that cell, blue-ray are new technology and the ps3 is the first thing using them and using them together. also ps3 release is little rushed, if there were no 360 sony would probably launched ps3 in spring2007 to the earliest.
i think it is always wise to wait for few months, because if yours is defective it is double the pain....

CAPS LOCK5845d ago

the 360 was rushed more than the ps3, u can tell this by the luanch games. they were not impressive and did not vary, but the ps3 games are ok and do vary.

calderra5845d ago

Call of Duty 2 and PGR 3 don't vary? (Not to mention CoD2 turned heads in the industry with its absolutely astounding attach rate)

And games like Geometry Wars on Live weren't different either? (Not to mention the over 50% conversion from demo to purchase that sent those heads rolling down the stairs)

Maybe you meant the lack of innovation, like the freely downloadable demos and videos on Live, or the added content you could download, or the free themes and cars you could get from demo units with a memory card.

Or maybe you were talking about followup titles like Oblivion and DOA4 that not only totally rounded out the 360 library within its first 6 months, but also sold amazingly well.

Could be any of those.

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