I Asked Sony: ‘Why Did You Wind Up In Third Place?’

Stephen T of Kotaku writes " I spent most of my interview at E3 with Sony's head of hardware marketing, John Koller, talking about the PlayStation Vita and what in the world is going on with Sony's lovely handheld. But today I'm going to tell you about how he responded to a question about the PlayStation 3, a most basic question that seems appropriate to ask 5 1/2 years after the launch of the PlayStation 3. "

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Lord_Sloth2414d ago

Ehhhhh...Honestly they don't seem to be in 3rd place. In terms of sales they're pretty neck and neck.

GamingPerson2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

It's sad that the console with 1st place games is considered 3rd place.

I guess it's because xbox is selling like crazy in japan /s

But really this whole console war doesn't matter.

Playstation players just have more to play.

But I do feel sad because I will miss out not being able to learn ushers dance moves & shooting at rainbow colored tin men. sigh.

svoulis2414d ago

It is sad. Honestly I love my 360 for paticular reasons especially games with friends. But I cant get the same experience with a 360 that I do a PS3.

The games they make are awesome and they are a true gamers games. Not just some COD rehash. That is what "gamers" are all about today. Its all about what plays COD sad but true.

I am a proud owner of both systems of this gen. I am happy with how long both have held out. I just feel that while Microsoft is on its last leg and losing steam fast, Sonys PS3 is still pushing and wowing us with each new exclusive they show.

So thats what counts to me. What wows gamers the most, and as it stands PS3 has done it for me.

b163o12414d ago

I've said it plenty of times, Exclusives make the world spin and Sony's got them. Hopefully M$ will start seeing there faults.....

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SuperLupe2414d ago

I'm happy to see that outside of N4G your opinion is completely meaningless, and Sony's last place after 5/6 years proves it.

pixelsword2414d ago

Sony is in 3rd, I can easily deal with it because the numbers don't mean much in terms of affecting the release of the PS4 as far as I know. Sony just needs to up it's game next gen and actually advertise and allow developers to finish their danggum games before they release them (Resistance: Burning Skies needed to be in the oven for a few more weeks, to be honest)

Sony is 1st when it comes to games, and for now that's all I ask of my Playstation.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32414d ago

If you just started gaming this gen then I guess they wouldn't be in 3rd place? But if you look at their history, as the article pointed out, then imo they're in 3rd place. Idk, lol, it seems the first two comments have created a spin-spin situation though...

SilentNegotiator2414d ago

I think he means "second", since Ps3 has outpaced the 360. Why are people still pretending like a 1-1.5 year gap doesn't exist?

Aloren2414d ago

Well, you know the tortoise and the hare ? it's kinda the same here. The PS3 was released after the 360 and sold a little faster, but so far, it's still behind.

noctrnl132414d ago

The xbox sells horridly in Japan.

kikizoo2414d ago

Kotaku : LOL

seriously, except ultimate xfanboyz, who is listening kotaku's craps in 2012 after years of lies and stupid articles on this blog ?

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jaysquared2414d ago

[email protected] fans... I remember back in 2005-2007 all you hear were the 150 million PS2 sold and the 150 million Sony fans that haven't upgraded to the PS3.. Fast forward 5 years later and their still 3rd.. Now its all about the games! Fact PS2 Sold 150 Million Xbox 25 Million, GC 20 million! The PS2 outsold its competition 3x combined and now their in 3rd! Of course Sony and its fans will try to put a positive spin on it but we all know that Sony has struggled this gen so much that it has brought the whole company done.. Imagined if the PS3 was selling like the PS2?? I doubt we hear how Sony is struggling as a company..

badz1492414d ago

3rd place this gen is not THAT bad considering they sold more than 60mil already and 360 is not THAT far away ahead. Wii is a different story but this is nothing like last gen's 2nd and 3rd! last gen XBOX was 2nd with 25mil lifetime while the PS2 still going strong with 150mil+!

you guys are seriously in need for a surgery in the head if thinking that 3rd place is dooming Sony in any way! guess what, their gaming division is making money and proof? exclusive games keep coming! that's how you know that the PS brand is still going strong.

MaxXAttaxX2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

* Because PS3 launched at least a year after the Xbox 360.

* However, the PS3 has sold faster, cutting the 8 million gap down to only 2.

* This means the PS3 is practically in 2nd place ahead of the 360 judging from the sales rate, along with the higher percentage of people re-buying 360s than PS3s for specific reasons.
Had both systems launched simultaneously, the PS3 would obviously be ahead by about 6mil.
Do the math.

Back in the PS2/GC/Xbox era, I wasn't even aware of the sales. I only knew PS2 won (in most people's hearts) because of the games.
And like many people have already stated, the games on PS3 have also determined the same. Although, that's still a subjective matter.

Boody-Bandit2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

I feel bad for Kotaku. E3 just passed and this is what they write about. It's sad to see a site so full of hate and desperate for attention. This hurts the industry. Anyone that doesn't have a problem with this article is part of the problem and the reason trash like this exist.

jaysquared2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Spin it however you guys like.. I'm sure Sony likes how they went from the undisputed King of Console sales to 3rd.. 150 million to 63 million! Yeah any company would rather have the quality of games rather than the console sales.. And your right about the 1 year head start.. I mean if the PS2 had lauched the same year as the Dreamcast then the PS2 would've sold more.. /sarcasm... lol

Oh_Yeah2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

i have god of war, uncharted, and last of us that i think are decent or looking forward to on my ps3...that doesnt seem like a lot to me while they are good titles but i enjoyed dantes inferno more than god of war (bash me) and the new tomb raider looks to be better imo than the uncharted series. for xbox theres halo, gears, alan wake, fable, the witcher 2, and mass effect at one point... that i like. for me those 6 franchises beat those 3. but hey i like my ps3 because its free to play online so theyre pretty equal.

Peppino72414d ago

If you subtract the amount of rrod consoles that owners had to repurchase then Sony is in 2nd place and that's how I've always seen it. Oh yeah how about you add a year head start on top of that for the competition.

miyamoto2414d ago

Hep hep hooray! Ps3 & ps vita & psp are all in third place!

thereapersson2414d ago

I've been busy playing so many games on my PS3, and so many great exclusive games at that, that I didn't stop to notice.

Tretton even had the brass balls to come out on the E3 stage and say flat out that they are happy with where they've been because they know they can continue to provide so many incredible gaming experiences to their fans. Sony gets the games, and that's all I care about.

Maxned2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

"It's sad that the console with 1st place games is considered 3rd place"

<citation needed>

mewhy322414d ago

Wow...Now that's real trolling on display there. I mean wow. :-)
You're very entertaining.

Nexgensensation2413d ago

and the 1year headstart! I dont think they forget that.... I mean if the situation was reversed would the 360 sell as fast as the ps3?

lets be real!

dcbronco2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )


Exclusives that get bought make the world spin. Twisted Metal and Skyhawk are just lying there.


If you subtract the RRoD consoles from Microsoft's total Sony would be in second place. But it also would mean 360 owners buy a lot more games. And are the real hardcore gamers. Because all of the major hardcore titles sell a lot more on the 360.

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Dread2414d ago

Dude, in this article Sony just admitted that they are in third place. Did you read the article.

So are u saying that even Sony is wrong about their

so I guess Sony is biased against Sony also, just like the gaming media, as claimed by all the sony extremesits. I guess also that Sony is also part of the global conspiracy against Sony?

wow, denial is such a strange condition.

TekoIie2414d ago

Console war tends to revolve around sales so yes; based on sales they are in 3rd place. If you want to talk about games though that's more opinion than fact on who wins in that "competition".

nukeitall2414d ago


I agree with you whole heartedly and I like the fact that there is a differentiating factor between the PS3, Xbox 360 and even Wii. There are now options for everyone, not just the geeky hardcore gamer!

slayorofgods2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

It sure was a competitive generation. We didn't have much of a debate with the Xbox vs. PS2 vs. Dream-cast last generation. We all knew the PS2 won that one.

This generation has been interesting. In terms of sales the Wii has won by a landslide, but as we gear towards the end of the generation it is also the console that is on the decline the fastest, and overall the Wii sensation is a little harder to explain since it isn't targeting traditional gamers.

In second place is the xbox 360. But a lot of that is because MS had a really good launch and has been able to just glide on that. Sony had a horrible launch but really came out swinging midway through the generation and has arguably been the console the most on the rise as we end this generation.

As we begin the next generation. Ironically, Nintendo has the most to prove in that if it can reproduce the Wii fad. But, I will be watching MS and Sony very carefully in the upcoming year before I choose which console will be preferred.

BlmThug2414d ago

Yep, 26 disagrees strengthen your point

SuperLupe2414d ago

Yeah dude Sony is part of the anti Sony conspiracy. MS paid them to say that they're last duh.

MysticStrummer2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Wow. Quick on the attack. He said they don't "seem" to be in 3rd, and he's right. Both sides have sold many consoles and the totals are very close. No reason for a rant about conspiracies and denial. Take a nap and lay off the caffeine.

OT - Speaking of denial, anyone who doesn't admit MS is still ahead because of that headstart is insane, given the sales numbers since PS3 launched. The price of the PS3 was a clear factor also, but even with that price the PS3 has outsold 360 pretty consistently since launch.

papashango2414d ago


Except this article isn't about games. Sales is the topic and so should be in the comments section.

TheDivine2414d ago

Its not denial! If Sony had released two years earlier they may or may not be in the lead BUT THAT DOESNT MATTER because the ps3 is in second because if you subtract the millions of 360's sold in the year before the ps3 released minus the number of RROD 360's and compare it to the number of ps3's plus the number of ylod repairs you will see that sony is really in first. GOSH WHY CANT YOU SEE THIS!


Over half the people that bought wii's arent real gamers so their sales dont count (obviously) so the ps3 really outsold the wii also (sd shouldnt count anyways, not compared to the glorious HD that the cell produces).

So as you can see PS3 is the clear winner. It doesnt matter if the 360 and wii have both sold more. It doesnt matter that sony admits its sold the least of all 3. Facts dont matter duh!!!

dcbronco2413d ago


Based on the number of disagrees you got for your excellent point, Sony fans disagree with Sony also.

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ABizzel12414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

I agree the 360 and PS3 are neck and neck, but for now they're in 3rd place. Some of it was their fault, most of it was completely unjust.

1. Xbox launched the next-gen first: While this didn't hurt the PS3 at the time, it would later come back to. (MS competition)

2. PS3 cost $500 or $600 at launch with no killer franchises to justify the purchase. That price was far too high to sell to gamers, especially with no Gran Turismo, Grand Theft Auto, God of War, etc... Day 1. (Sony's fault)

3. Nintendo launched the Wii alongside the PS3, and with it's motion controller and an entry price of $250 compared to $500, the Wii stole much of Sony's thunder. (Nintendo competition)

4. The Xbox showed what next-gen truly looked like. Gears of War was the first game to show what these consoles would be able to achieve later in their life cycles, and it was only on Xbox 360. All those people that had waited for a PS3 slowly moved towards where next-gen was already being displayed. (MS competition)

5. MS stole 2007 from Sony. Mass Effect exclusive to Xbox 360, Bioshock at the time exclusive to Xbox 360, Halo 3 exclusive to Xbox 360, and with Gear of War just stealing the thunder from Sony that previous year of it's launch was enough to get people to jump on the 360 bandwagon and leave Sony behind. (MS competition)

6. The media. This was the final and largest nail in the coffin at the time for the PS3. You were hard pressed to find anything good about the PS3 between launch 2006 - and 2007. Everyday there was an article about how awful the PS3 was, developers bashing the console, how the 360 was the new king of gaming, how the PS3 had no game (which was a flat out lie), and so much other BS that the majority of the U.S. actually began believe it, even though the majority of the U.S. didn't have a PS3, never played a PS3, and didn't give the PS3 a chance. (Fault the Media & slightly Sony's for not having huge franchises Day 1)

Together all that caused the PS3 the huge struggle took to get where it is now, and now it's the best selling console worldwide on a weekly basis, and has another full 3 - 4+ years ahead of it, and may very well continue the success that its predecessor have established as long as events like the awful PSN hack don't continue to plague them.

Veneno2414d ago

About your point #6. That would have been awesome if the Sony rep in the Kotaku interview said "another big reason we are in 3rd is because fanboy sites like Kotaku are unjustly bashing the PS3 every chance they get."

And it would be completely true. Yes the article is about a fact that the PS3 is in 3rd but its really Kotaku coming up with another excuse to bash Sony.

Anon19742414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Remember when Kotaku was busted running faked videos of Gran Turismo "load issues" after a week of bashing GT at every turn, months before GT's launch? Good times.

There's a couple of things that we know about this situation. One, market research has shown that even thought the 360 sold more consoles overall, the PS3 has more active consoles in the wild.

Two, head 2 head since the PS3 launched it's handily outsold the 360 despite the much higher launch price. Consumers have spoken and their message is clear, they prefer the PS3, they just didn't have a choice at the start. At one point the 360 was ahead by over 8 million consoles. What's it at now?

pandaboy2414d ago


they weren't actually kotaku's faked videos and they edited the article when they realised that it may have been tampered with. Anyway, I'm getting kinda scared by the passion and anger on n4g in articles like this one...

tordavis2414d ago

I really wish people would stop using the 1yr head start as an excuse. Dreamcast had a 1yr head start too and Sony demolished Sega. The 1yr head start has nothing to do with it.

jayzablade2414d ago

Look at all you Sony fanboys go!!!
Lets face simple facts, it has sold less....doesn't matter how much of a head start the 360 had, it has still sold less!! The PS2 sold 150 mill so where are those customers now? If their fanbase was so loyal you would have expected at least half of them to have upgraded by now and enjoying such a 'glorious' console but no, Sony thought we'll put out a console at a ridiculous price and expect the fans to lap it up....were they ever wrong!!
They tried to rip of this gen and it didn't work, yeah it maybe selling now but for how long? Even after numerous price cuts it's still not selling all that well and yeah maybe it is top of the leader board in terms of current sales but only coz the Wii has it's user base installed and the 360 is slowing right down so theoretically it is only a 2 horse race.
As i recall every single person i knew had their PS2 chipped and was buying games for £2/3 and i knew of people buying the PS2 and going straight to a guys house to get it chipped and get some games....maybe that is why it sold so many consoles in comparison, where as the PS3, i don't know anyone who has theirs chipped so maybe that is a cause?
To sit there tho and blame everything under the sun for lack of sales, RROD, head start, Wii stealing the casual crowd....whatever, fact remains it has just not sold as well as was expected so dry your tears and deal with it!!!

nukeitall2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

The first shouldn't matter much, when you previously demolished all competition for two generations. Heck, the Sega Dreamcast died a horrible faith and had Sega exiting the console business... and that was with one year headstart as well. It is easy to point to success, but harder to realize the risk MS took.

MS was the industry's laughing stock while Sony was making all sorts of negative comments, and just five years later, who is laughing all the way to the bank now?

There is a reason why Sony's stock is on a 31-year low!

insomnium22414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Mark my words PS3 will reach the 100 million sold mark in it's lifetime. I have never been more sure about anything and I've been saying it since 2006. I would really like to hear a comprehensive rebuttal to this claim if there is one.

My god how desperate jayzablade is for attention. Nobody reads your comments it seems. i read the first sentence and that's it. Try to be more suble with your trolling if you want to trick people into readyng your BS.

MS's risk was pretty much no risk since they have deeeeeep pockets unlike anyone else. Pretty much anyone else would've gone bankrupt with xbox. They buy themselfs into fame anytime they want cause they know USA will eat anything they feed them.

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NastyLeftHook02414d ago

Honestly, the ps3 and 360 are like 2-3 million apart with over 50 million sold.

It would be different if the ps3 was at 22 million or something, but both in the 50 million range is neck and neck.

kevnb2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

ill tell you why, sony has focused on cinematic experiences all gen while microsoft just gives us games that you do cool shit in. Gamers want games, not interactive movies. That and the 360 has been cheaper, 99% of the games are the exactly the same on both platforms, with many versions being better on 360. Call of Duty is the series of the gen, and its better on 360 than ps3. People on here may not like it, but its true.

The one game that had really stood out this gen for me from sony was demons souls, but they went and screwed that up because they thought it was terrible. No cinematic experience every 5 seconds meant that it was worthless to them. They could of taken that series so far if they just made the game a bit easier for noobs to get into... oh well.

Deafman4202414d ago

If Sony would just make a comfortable controller I'd jump onboard in a heart beat every generation. Their controller keeps me far far away from anything playstation (and no I'm not settling for a 3rd party controller).

MetalProxy2414d ago

wtf? dood so your trying to tell me games like uncharted (a cinematic game) are not games? How in the f*** is that not a game? And MS only gives you games to do cool things in? What games are thoses? I have a feeling they are on the PS3 too. I also didnt realize sony made demon souls ><
I remember a time when xbox guys seamed to say smart and insightfull things but that dont happen anymore.

GrandTheftZamboni2414d ago


You can always glue one 9v battery underneath the PS3 controller if that would make it more comfortable for you.

Legion2414d ago


That still doesn't help you with the crappy thumb sticks and awful triggers, and the wings that stick into the palms of your hands like they are trying to make you let go of it.

The PS controller hasn't changed hardly at all since it first came out. Ad it shows to those that like an ergonomic controller for gaming and have tried something better. MS has went from great controller and improved it to what it is today. It just works.

GrandTheftZamboni2413d ago


"ergonomic controller"

From Wikipedia:

"Ergonomics is the study of designing equipment and devices that fit the human body,"

Notice "fit the human body". 360 controller battery pack gets in the way, so it is not ergonomic.

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fr0sty2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Yes, the $400 console that came out a year sooner was able to sell a couple million more consoles than the $600 console that came out a year later. In no way did 360 "outsell" PS3, it just slowed it down enough to where PS3 was not able to eliminate all of 360's several million unit head start. If you took 360 off the market for a year to make things even, PS3 would end up millions of units ahead.

kevnb2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

In the end, microsoft is making more money and selling more games. I don't like it since they milk us for xbox live, but that's reality.

fr0sty2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

They're not making more money, and they're not selling more games either. Case in point:

Xbox 1 lost well over 4 billion dollars. A number they have yet to recoup with 360. While 360 did break the "profitable" margin for itself, it never once broke profitablity for the Xbox brand as a whole when you factor in the losses from the original Xbox. As such, Xbox as a brand has yet to turn a single dime of profit.

(however, Sony did erase every bit of profit they made off of PS1 and Ps2 with the losses they suffered with Ps3)

While MS may sell 13 million copies of Halo, the fact of the matter is they only have a few games that sell well when it comes to exclusives (probably why they sell so well, you guys don't get much choice). Sony has many more exclusive titles, and while they do not sell as well they sell well enough to keep up with the sales of the fewer games MS puts out. That said, fewer games = fewer budgets to make back, so it is likely that MS makes more profit from their game sales than Sony does. As for third party games, while 360 usually sells a little more, it isn't enough to write home about.

IHateYouFanboys2414d ago


Xbox 1 lost over 4 billion dollars - that's what happens when you start up an entir new division lol. Hundreds of people to employ + hundreds of millions of dollars (most probably 1 bil +) in R & D + 10s of millions budget for games....starting a console business is not cheap. The original Xbox was never expected to be profitable. Microsoft have said as much - they have a three step plan for the console business:

1. Xbox - get the foot in the proverbial door. Get some established franchises and get developers on board.
2. Xbox 360 - secure a good chunk of market share. Get the Xbox brand to be synonymous with gaming.
3. Xbox 3 - secure number 1 console position.

They're on track so far.

Sony on the other hand lost more on the PS3 alone than Microsoft have lost on their entire startup of their xbox division and subsequent consoles. Microsoft gained market share and increased profits, sony lost massive amounts of market share and even more money. As you said, they literally erased ALL of the money they made from their previous 2 consoles, which are the best selling consoles of all time. That should tell you something.

GrandTheftZamboni2414d ago

Don't forget to add few billion that MS is likely to pay Motorola if they want to keep selling Xbox.

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IaussieGamer2414d ago

Take away the 1 and a half year head start the 360 had and the ps3 in reality is ahead of the 360.

ginsunuva2414d ago

Especially when a more expensive console sells just about as many units as a cheaper one - it's not all about quantity.

Toyota is in first place in cars salez guys! Bugatti is last oh shame poor them they suck, right?

gapecanpie2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

That a lame excuse I keep seeing ......

The xbox360 was before the Wii yet the Wii destroyed both the PS3 and Xbox360 so what year the 360 came out had nothing to do with it. It was because Sony release a high price system that didn't have any good games at the time it was release.

Furthermore the ps2 was out before the first Xbox and yet back then no one was saying the ps2 beat the original Xbox because it had a head start a lot of people are hypocrites on this site.

What happen was Sony got foolish and built a expensive system and assume people from the ps1 and ps2 era would just jump on the ps3 as if the masses were brain dead sheep who blindly buy anything Sony. I will amit I brought a ps3 when it first came out but not because of the brand or being a blind loyal sheep but because you could install Linux on it (A feature Sony advertised and then removed and i'm still p*ssed about that) Sadly for Sony the masses weren't dumb and what Sony had planned didn't happen and now they are in last place.

Sony did this to themselves and all you can try to spin it all you want too, but that is the cold hard truth.

Lord_Sloth2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

The masses ARE stupid. The fact that the Wii is on top is proof of their idiocy. Call of Duty's on top too. You can spin it however you want but that's the cold hard truth!

theWB272414d ago

Bravo, I had this same exact argument on another topic but its nice to see someone else thinks the same. People seem to have skip bayless syndrome where no matter the facts presented in front of them, their point is still valid. There's no way Sony should have lost this gen, the playstation brand transcended games the last two Gens. Microsoft put their 2 cents in and a lot of Sony fans went with the other system this gen.

J86blum2414d ago

Sorry but only 360FanBoys count sales numbers. Ps3 sorry isnt in 3rd place but in first place.

Dee_912414d ago

i dont know maybe because they came out 3rd

joab7772414d ago

Yeah, its not over yet. Considering the late start, the high price point, the lack of halo and gears, the problems Japan and Sony have suffered, it is pretty remarkable and a testament to quality that the ps3 is so strong. I think the biggest mistake they made was in memory. And if there wasn't a surge in PC gaming, I believe that ps3 would win this Gen. Honestly, Nintendo has fallen off dramatically so that must be taken into account. If u look at where all 3 stand right now, its clear who is first for gamers. I so love my Xbox, but the quality of the ps3 is astounding.

Also, I don't agree that the ps3 is or was more expensive. They were both marketed different. Microsoft was brilliant in getting a machine in ur hands for cheaper. But, once I went wireless, upgraded hard drive and paid to play online, my ps3 was cheaper and had a blue ray.

THESONYPS32414d ago

Remember the PS3 was released a year after the 360 so technically we are infront

BlackTar1872413d ago


This article really brought out a bunch of fanboys.

I have purchased 3 xboxs 1 ps3

Old McGroin2413d ago


You make a good point there - I wonder how many 360 sales were multiple purchases by people due to the Red Ring Of Death? A lot of people out there, especially older parents, would never of heard of the RROD and the extended warranty and as soon as their kids 360 died would have just bought another one. I had to get 3 replacement 360s myself since 2006 whereas my first PS3, bought in 2010, is still going strong.

OmegaSlayer2414d ago

I'm a biased Sony fanboy, but looking at how the generation panned out I can't help but think that if some PS2ers didn't jump to XBOX360 and would have waited a bit, we would have had more fresh games experiences and less COD clones.
At the same time I reckon that MS give to a big audience what they want (Halo and Gears) and Sony couldn't release an IP able to front those games.
(Again, Uncharted is a totally different game from Gears, Killzone is awesome but "unrefined" in some aspects)
A big kudos to third party, since most of the better experiences come from their studios; it's strange that Sony has the best studios tech wise but no one pulled out an experience like Assassin's Creed or Mass Effect.
Finally, a big mid finger to Nintendo, whose casual oriented machine sucked up great franchises from more interesting machine (Monster Hunter, the best JRPGs)

Tapioca Cold2414d ago

Yes, the are last. Why?

That's the real question. Why is that people still continue to game on the 360? It's unreliabe, less powerful, loud, needing proprietary products and contains an online pass of $60.oo a year.

I'm stumped.

Oh, and you pay for advertising too. How sad a society we live in when people actually