SNK Arcade Classics PSP Bound

SNK today announced SNK Arcade Classics: Volume 1 for the PSP. Covering over a decade of SNK titles, SNK Arcade Classics will definitely have a game that will catch your interest.

Small list of games in the compilation.

* ART OF FIGHTING - The first game in SNK's second fighting-game franchise, set in the same universe as FATAL FURY.

* BASEBALL STARS 2 - The sequel to SNK's popular baseball arcade game.

* BURNING FIGHT - New York detectives battle organized crime in this fighter.

* FATAL FURY - First released in 1991, FATAL FURY introduced the two-plane fighting system.

* KING OF FIGHTERS '94 - The first game in the popular KING OF FIGHTERS series.

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Kami4668d ago

im not going to buy it necause i already have all of these games. but its good for the people than dont.

makatak4668d ago

im going to buy it....i have these games...even played some of them through the homebrew route. The thing is here is that the system and controls would be revamped to run smoother with the psp

MattyF4668d ago

Great titles for the handheld market. Retro titles always seem to be well in terms of sales when they are on handhelds.

KidMakeshift4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Pretty good assortment (except it only includes the weakest installments of AoF, Fatal Fury, KoF, World Heroes), but what a tease to only give us King of The Monsters 1 (2 is awesome). Hopefully, the second volume will have: KoTM 2, Crossed Swords, Kabuki Klash, Prehistoric Isle 1 & 2, Ninja Masters, Garou: MoTW

MattyF4668d ago

I think we can all agree on that lol

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